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Michael Miller

#3 Hulk

At number three we have Hulk fans. These fanboys, despite the fact that Hulk has only beat Silver Surfer, when he was void of the power cosmic, and only beat Thor, when Thor has decided to make it a slug fest, to be honorable, continue to preach his "unlimited" strength, and durability. News flash fanboys....Unlimited is a relative concept, in comic books. His "unlimited" strength would do little good, when Galactus steps on him, and turns him into a little green booger! He has never been able to hurt Surfer, when Surfer didn't want him to, and before the butt hurt, "non cannon" comments start, Superman whipped his big green tail! Hulk is strong and durable, but Superman moves planets, and Silver Surfer and Thor have both shown, over and over, just how beatable Hulk is. Surfer can turn him into banner at will, and drain all his gamma, with a stray though. Juggernaut beat him, without his suit! Hulk is beatable.

#2 Batman

Batman occupies the number two spot, for a lot of reasons. Ever since Frank Miller let him get ONE win over a Superman, who was handling him, with kid gloves, fanboys think Batman can beat ANYONE. Wrong!!! the whole "with prep time" thing, has gotten way out of hand. Batman is street level, and has enjoyed a lot of PIS, over the years. There are literally characters who could destroy the planet he is standing on!! He is mortal, and should be at the bottom of the pecking order, but because he is the only DC product that has enjoyed HUGE commercial success, he ends up with a way to take out the entire Justice League. He would be lucky to get a win over Captain America or Winter Soldier, and against Thor or Thanos, he stands, 0% chance of living.

#1 Goku

Let the butt hurt begin!! Goku is not, i repeat not, a top tier hero! The only people who think he can beat Superman, are DBZ fanboys, those who lack simple reasoning skills, and those who can't accept fact. He was KO'd IN GOD FORM, by a laser blast! Superman can shoot multiple lasers, at once! Superman has been knocked into a healing coma, once in 75 years, while Goku spends every other episode on Snake Road! Goku spends all his time breaking limits, while Superman pretty much has none, and if we are counting "god" form Goku, we have to count Superman One Million, who could destroy the entire DBZ universe, with a stray though. I mean, Superman One Million can raise the dead, and create universes of his own! Goku would be defenseless against Thor or Silver Surfer, who are both stronger, faster, and more durable, than he is. He has no moves in his skill set, that would hurt Thor or Surfer, and they would brush off the best attacks he can throw. Surfer brushes off an angry Hulk's attacks. That alone puts him on a level above Goku, because one solid punch from Hulk, would knock Goku across the universe.


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