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Looking back, I realize that Better Call Saul Season 1 performed a bit of a bait and switch, with that cold open to end all cold opens which technically took place after Breaking Bad. Fans assumed that it would make further appearances, just as that rather lackluster one with the pink bear did in Breaking Bad Season 2. Alas, the image of a mustachioed Bob Odenkirk rocking the best Cinnabon product placement since The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was never seen again. Why is that?

With Better Call Saul Season 2 starting production, it's worth wondering just how much Vince Gilligan will choose to continue these enigmatic black and white segments, and if we will ever truly learn the fate of Saul Goodman after his dealings with Walter White.

The story after Breaking Bad

That's a familiar mustache!
That's a familiar mustache!

If we're gonna ask ourselves if it's worth continuing with Saul's post-Walter White life, we must first ask ourselves what the point would be in the first place. Countless times on the internet, I've found myself saying that just because a story can be told doesn't mean it has to be told. Walter White's story is over, and the crux of the Breaking Bad narrative is wrapped up. Perhaps Saul just spends the rest of his days working at Cinnabon and laying low, and nothing of note occurs from then on. If there's one word that describes Vince Gilligan's style of storytelling, it's efficient. Breaking Bad took one great premise and rolled with it until it was done, and I don't believe Better Call Saul will risk getting bogged down in the legacy of the show that preceded it.

Jimmy McGill's transformation

To concentrate too intensely on the post-Breaking Bad story is to completely ignore the core premise of Better Call Saul, namely the examination of what changed Jimmy McGill into Saul Goodman. Sure Season 1 took its sweet time with progressing the character, and even at the end only saw him disillusioned from his brother, but isn't that enigma of what could have happened to this man enough to propel our continued watching? If we really become the kind of audience that is only concerned with conclusions and completion, do we really deserve a backstory as solid as that of Saul Goodman?

Will we ever find out what happens to Saul Goodman?

Saul in his final form!
Saul in his final form!

So the question still remains of whether that masterful cold open was actually furthering the Breaking Bad storyline, or was simply there to punctuate the elements of Saul's past that we were about to see. Where could Breaking Bad even be taken now, with Walter White dead and his meth empire disbanded, all we'd be able to see would be the story of a former lawyer laying low and getting nervous when scary looking dudes come his way. I suppose there could be some kind of story drawn from Saul getting discovered, and information about the Walter White legacy potentially getting out. However, until Better Call Saul explicitly says so, he's stuck firmly in that Cinnabon.

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