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She calls herself Twistinbangs and her makeup skills are out of this world! This awesome makeup artist looks like she has stepped straight out of a horror themed cartoon.

I would have no idea where to even begin with this kind of makeup, so I will leave it to this talented gal!

Pop Art Zombie

Yup, that's a person on the right and not a painting, I can't believe my eyes, either!

my makeup tonight was inspired by @anabeebop's awesome artwork! ive wanted to try to recreate something of hers for a while and heres my attempt! :)

Clown Meltdown

Has anyone got a character missing from a Pop Art painting?

Swimmingly Bright Mermaid

Inside-Out Skeleton Girl

Heres my inside out skeleton girl! i didnt feel like gettin crazy with inside organs but this worked either way:)

Forest Tiger Cub

The most colorful tiger cub there ever was!

This artist needs to get a role in a Tim Burton film already!

Pop Art Zombie Onslaught

Pop art zombie onslaught continued! i blacked out my body and painted my arm green to make it look like i was holding my own head! haha i was kinda proud of this;)

How Freakin' Awesome Is This?!

My head is now brimming with makeup ideas for Halloween.

Twistinbangs the Fortune Teller

fortune teller:) it was a fairly simple application for once

Witchy Vibes

Twistinbangs looks spook-tacular!

I could really just keep posting the whole collection of Twistinbangs spooky makeup, but I must stop somewhere. I really love all the looks she has created and feel totally inspired now to paint my face. Right now, it's just 94 days until Halloween, so there is plenty of time to practice.

To see more of Twistinbangs work click here!


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