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'I love creating beings that have realistic features, from the eyes, teeth and the wrinkles in its flesh.'

Meet Morgan Loebel, the Kansas based dentist turned Mutant Maker. Morgan makes creatures, monsters and mutated masterpieces out of polymer clay. Hi Morgan!

After spending 20 years crafting hundreds of thousands of teeth through his work as a dental lab technician, Morgan found his true calling upon discovering Polymer Clay in 2012. Spending his days 'fabricating realistic, detailed crowns, bridges and other dental prosthesis' played a key role in his 'progression from dental tech to mutant maker.'

Congrats on giving up the day job, Morgan, these are all bloody brilliant!

Pocket Sized Pals

Morgan has much more to offer than messed-up phone cases though. What about these romantic Valentine's Day gifts?

Or this literature?

Or this commissioned portrait?

See more of Morgan's Mutations on his Facebook page.

You can also buy some of the pieces on his Etsy shop.

Hands off the pen holder, though, that one's mine.


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