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The Originals season 3 is rapidly approaching and it looks like we are going to be spoiled with some seriously compelling new characters this time around.

So far, it has been announced that Lawrence Kao (The Walking Dead), Rebecca Breeds (Pretty Little Liars) and Oliver Ackland (Satisfaction) will be heading on down to New Orleans and below is all the information we have about their characters so far:

Lawrence Kao - Van

Character description:

A handsome, stubborn witch who has always stayed out of coven politics. But when tragedy strikes, he finds himself inescapably drawn into the beginnings of a war

Rebecca Breeds - Aurora

Character description:

A beautiful and enigmatic vampire who is, at times, sexy, seductive, witty and free-spirited. Basically, she’s the life of any party. But she can also be malevolent, dangerous and extremely violent. In her lightest moments, she’s the flame that draws men to her like moths; in her darkest, she’ll kill those same men without a second thought

Oliver Ackland - Tristan

Character description:

A handsome and mysterious vampire who has a long and complicated history with the Originals. Both charming and worldly, a man born into such wealth and power that he carries with him the cool assurance of his own superiority. With those he loves, he can be equal parts warm and caring, obsessive and co-dependent. But with his enemies, he is cruel and completely merciless.

The Originals will return Thursday, Oct. 8 at at 9 p.m. ET.

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(Source: EW)


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