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The last year has truly seen a revival in the creepy clown genre, with Twisty the Clown being a terrifying addition to the latest season of American Horror Story and a remake Stephen King's IT in the works. However, for a Chicago man and woman, life imitated art when they got the scare of their life driving past Rosehill Cemetery at night.

As the pair drove past the area they saw a clown scaling the fence surrounding the cemetery. Acting quickly the man was able to whip out his phone in time to get a photo, along with a video of the clown waving menacingly from near headstones.

While it may seem harmless, it certainly took the clown some effort to get inside the cemetery with the walls that the clown had to scale being over seven foot high. Julia Graham, one of the pair who spotted the clown had this to say:

I mean, this was somebody putting forth a lot of effort — and being really weird.

But whatever the clowns motives were remain unclear as there have been no complaints of vandalism from cemetery officials. Perhaps the person simply wanted to play a creepy joke as has been a trend with pranksters all over the U.S. in recent times, especially after the character Twisty the Clown caused a kind of revival of this type of prank.

Check out the clip of the clown below from CBS Local News' and see what you think:

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