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From SpongeBob Squarepants to Southpark, lucky for us animation isn't just for children anymore! In the past, before animated television shows geared towards adults existed, creative minds behind these shows had to use finesse and innuendo to sneak in jokes for the parents in the room.

But what happened when the jokes weren't so subtle and censors took notice? It was promptly banned, oftentimes before it ever saw the light of day.

Recently, YouTube personality Matthew Santoro posted a video describing 10 cartoon episodes that were banned for being too controversial. Check it out below:

In case you don't have the time to spare, here's his list (minus most of the gritty details):

1. Computer Soldier Porygon, Pokemon

Why? Apparently it caused seizures, thanks to one of Pikachu's explosions. It was never commercially released anywhere in the world.

2. Dial M for Monkey, Dexter's Laboratory

Why? The parody of the Silver Surfer character (Silver Spooner) was an offensive homosexual stereotype and another character drank so much he began to vomit.

3. Buffalo Gals, Cow and Chicken

Why? It was centered around a group of biker chicks and included heavy lesbian innuendos. There was also a scene with a softball match that referenced "pitching" and "catching" just one too many times.

4. Popetown

Why? Well, this one was for adults but it got away with completing 10 episodes having never screened a single one for the BBC. When the Catholic church got wind of it, they heavily protested and got the entire series banned worldwide.

5. One Beer, Tiny Toons

Why? The underage Toons were drinking and driving, which eventually led to them driving off a cliff and dying. A bit dark for anthropomorphic animal children!

6. Song of the South

Why? Well, if you haven't already seen the 1945 film considered one of Disney's most notorious missteps, in short it's extremely racist.

7. Jungle Jitters

Why? This short Warner Bros. animated film, like Song of the South, includes extremely racist and shockingly offensive stereotypes. 1938 was a different time, I guess, but still no excuse!

8. Ha! Ha! Ha!, Betty Boop

Why? After Betty fails at amateur dental surgery, she uses laughing gas and accidentally drugs the entire town. Not so much offensive, but pretty creepy.

9. The Simpsons

Why? The Simpsons wasn't just banned on a one or two episode basis, but the entire show in 2008 was said to promote violence and cruelty, and was said to be unsuitable for children by Venezuela and Russia. Also, the episode "The Cartridge Family" was banned in the UK.

10. Partial Terms of Endearment, Family Guy

Why? Always pushing buttons, the plot of this episode has Lois acting as a surrogate for her friend, but when her friend dies, Lois and Peter decide she should have an abortion. Pretty dark, even for Family Guy.

Even though these episodes, shows, and short films have been banned in some (or most) areas, some footage still exists online and is available for viewing at your own discretion. Have you guys ever seen any of the footage?

(Source: Matthew Santoro, YouTube)


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