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Film 4 in the “Random Movie Roulette” is 1999’s “Beyond the Mat”. This Barry W. Blaustein sports documentary is about the lives of professional wrestlers outside of the ring, primarily Mick Foley, Terry Funk, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts, as well as some aspiring wrestlers. The film also takes a look at ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) and WWF (World Wrestling Federation). It’s been a while since I have seen this and knowing where some wrestlers are today after seeing this makes it a little tough to watch. Especially stuff with Jake Roberts. Robert’s life would pretty much continue going off the rails, highlighted by his performance at “Heroes of Wrestling”, a really bad wrestling show. He has since got his life back on track thanks to Diamond Dallas Page. Those Jake bits were really tough to watch. This film has made me really want to watch Royal Rumble 1999 (a show I haven’t seen in full) and re-watch ECW Barely Legal. Maybe I should do reviews on both shows. This film is something all wrestling fans should watch. There is a lot of people who say this film craps all over wrestling by exposing it by showing rivals being friendly with each other and what happens behind the scenes at WWF. This is something that I could talk about until the cows came home. To me, I’m not overly fussed. I’m more interested in seeing what it’s like behind the scenes. Overall, this is a documentary that all wrestling fans should watch. It’s currently up on YouTube in full. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1999’s “Beyond the Mat”


Film – Beyond the Mat

Year – 1999

Director – Barry W. Blaustein

Staring – Terry Funk, Mick Foley, Jake “The Snake” Roberts

IMDb Rating – 7.6/10

My Rating – 7/10

Length – 97 min (1h 37min)

Genre – Documentary, Biography, Sport

We open with a monologue from Barry about why he likes wrestling

Why is Ahmed Johnson’s music playing?

Barry starts his journey by visiting WWF Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut

WWF worth more than the New York Knicks!?!

Hello Vince McMahon

Vince really likes that bottle of water


Sable is not good at selling back pain

So… Vince treats wrestling like a movie production?!

Jim Ross doesn’t care about results as long as people pay for tickets

WWF and South Park battling for best selling products – 90’s summed up

Hello Droz

So… Droz’s gimmick is to puke… and this is Vince’s idea

“Puke is good. Puke is nice”

Let’s practise this new gimmick now in Vince’s office


Droz then rings his mom about his new gimmick

At a wrestling school owned by an accountant

“There’s no money working the indies”

$500 deposit to train

Tony works for Visa and makes $25 a match

The accountant thinks he’s the best promoter – If that’s the case why have I never heard of you

Mike Modest lives in the school with his cats

Mike’s job is carrying dead bodies around

The shows is a sell out of 112

We’ve got a fight in the crowd!

The wrestler who got spat on works as a mechanic for United Airways

Jim Ross is giving Mike and Tony a tryout in WWF

Thanks for showing man boobs giggle in slow motion

Tony and Mike meet with Jim Cornette who tells them to not get nervous and take it easy

Time for the match

Suplex by Tony as Jim, Jim & Vince watch on

I’m stealing that move!

Modest wins!

In the back, Jim Ross tells both men that they did a good job

He then tells Tony to build more upper body muscle

Mick Foley meets with Tony and Mike and says “Good job”

Time to see the end of Terry Funk in retirement #53

Funk’s a celebrity in Amarillo

Is Funk taking retirement seriously? Let’s ask his wife

Time for a prayer before Funk’s daughter gets married

We get a look at Funk’s x-rays on his knees

Long story short – They’re fucked and he needs a new knee

Funk says he has agreed to wrestle for ECW in Philadelphia

Time to meet ECW fans

“Fuck WWF, fuck WCW, Fuck them all!”

All this violence ran out of a basement in New York suburbs

Joey Styles cuts promos while Paul’s mom irons

Tonight is ECW’s first Pay Per View – Barely Legal

Time for Paul’s pre-show speech to all the wrestlers

Funk is about to wrestle in a 3-way dance with Sandman & Stevie Richards

Winner faces Raven for the ECW Heavyweight Championship

Bin with steel wrapped around it to the head of Funk

Funk really can’t do moonsaults correctly

Funk won and now he’s wrestling Raven

Funk did it! Funk won! Funk is the NEW ECW Heavyweight Champion

Let’s remove any blood that entered my lungs with beer

Paul is happy that it’s all over

Time to see Funk and Mick Foley fight each other in death matches

But outside the ring, they’re good friends

Mick is the current WWF Champion and even has his own advert selling pasta

We’re 20 miles outside Long Island, New York

Why does Mick have to ask his dad if he can play with own kids?

Mick’s dad says Mick is the nicest person you’ll ever meet

Home Video shows Mick diving off a roof through boxes and mattresses

Dave Meltzer says Mick Foley knows how he wants to be remembered

We get to see Mick the wrestler and Mick the dad


I’ll retire at 35 – Mick’s last match as in 2010

Why is Mick rambling down the phone?

Mick talks about the falls he took with his match with Undertaker in the Hell in the Cell match

“That’s it! He’s dead”

Mick had to ring his wife after the match about his condition

Barry is finally going to meet Jake “The Snake” Roberts

It’s sad to see Jake here knowing he’s a lot better today

Paul Heyman says Jake has “it”

Vince McMahon says you can’t split Jake the wrestler to Jake the human

Wait… Jake won’t wrestle for indie promoters unless you buy him crack

In North Palate, Nebraska

Jake is wrestling a show while pissing into a bucket

From 93,000 at WrestleMania III to 200 people in a community centre

Jake is clearly fucked

After Jake’s match, he brings a fan in the ring and puts his snake on her

Must… Leave… This… Dump

During a 8 hour drive with Jake, Jake talks about random things

Jake says he was born when his mom was 13 because his dad raped her

This dad is Grizzly Smith

The two didn’t talk while shovelling leafs

Grizzly says he still loves Jake regardless

It’s safe to say Jake’s upbringings were rough

Travelling messes up your sex life

Let’s take a look at a few wrestlers Barry met

First… Chyna (now a porn star)

So… If women lift weights, they are lesbian?!

Next we meet Spike Dudley (now selling houses)

From maths teacher to wrestler

Spike really likes Henry IV Pt. II

We then meet Koko B Ware

NO!!! FRANKIE!!!! :(

Now me meet Jesse Ventura (who was governor of Minnesota)

We then watch Vince McMahon getting beaten up by Steve Austin

“Who doesn’t want to punch their boss?”

Oh no! It’s New Jack!

New Jack says he is violent and can beat up any rapper talking crap

Barry gets a call from New Jack and the two spend some time together

New Jack wants to be an actor and seems to have done a good job

At Terry Funk’s retirement dinner, he announces his retirement will happen Jan 1 1998

Dennis Stamp!

Dennis says he isn’t book for Funk’s retirement show

He says he could have a better match with Dory Funk Jr

Dennis’s training involves him jumping on a trampoline with weights

Funk meets with Dennis

Funk wants him to be at his show

Dennis comes across as an asshole

Funk wants Dennis to referee his match with Bret Hart but Dennis declines

Dennis changes his mind and he will referee Funk’s last match

We see matches from the show

Tommy Dreamer vs Shane Douglas

Mankind vs Sabu

Now it’s main event time – Terry Funk vs Bret Hart

Paul Heyman makes Funk a lifetime ECW Heavyweight Champion

This looks like a fun match to watch

Wait… That was for the WWF Championship

Bret Hart defeats Terry Funk and retains

Funk has some last words before leaving

Back with Jake Roberts who visiting his daughter, Brandi

Brandi has a scrapbook about Jake

Her poem in the back of the book says “Fuck you, Daddy”

Well… That could have gone better

After 5 minutes of meeting Brandi, Jake leaves and heads back to his room

The two meet again in Brandi’s apartment and chat

Well… This is uncomfortable to watch

Time to hear about Jake’s drug addiction

After 6 months, we’re back with Mick at Royal Rumble 1999

Mick is WWF Champion

Always mix blood with saliva to make it look worse than it is

It’s Mick Foley vs The Rock for the WWF Championship in a I Quit match

Since when was Mick Dr Seuss?

Two fans says Mick can beat The Rock tonight

The Rock meets with Mick and his family and chat

Oh, hey Steve Austin and Shane McMahon

The Rock then practises his promo before doing it live

There’s a lot of concern about the finish of the match it seems

“Somebody stole my sign” sign

It’s time for the match

And Mick’s wife and kids are sat in the front row

Both men brawl by the entrance way

SHIT!!! Mick just landed on the speakers and caused a power outage

Why is “Stand by Me” playing?

Mick is now handcuffed and gets hit with The People’s Elbow with a chair

Mick’s kids are crying as they see their dad get hit with a chair to the head multiple times

The match is over and The Rock is the NEW WWF Champion

And Mick is bleeding out of the back of his head

“It’s just a boo-boo”

That’s a pretty nasty looking cut on Mick’s head

Mick meets with Vince after the show is over about the match

Barry shows Mick the footage of his wife and kids crying during the match

“I don’t feel like such a good dad anymore”

With the film over, we get a look at what happened

Mike and Tony never heard back from WWF

Terry Funk retirement lasted 3 months

Jake Roberts has been in jail

ECW have just signed with TNN

WWF has just opened in the stock market

The film ends with news that after completion of the film, Droz was paralyzed in a match with D-Lo Brown



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