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Poltergeist is the sort of remake that undermines the point of remakes. Offering a less satisfying film in it’s reimagining it is narrowly saved by the best special effects on offer and a story that resonates with anyone who can remember being ignored as a child.

With a stunning and suitably sparse use of soundtrack combined with false security colour palettes the film is made effect primarily by these two factors alone.

Centring upon a neurotic young boy whose worries are regularly dismissed by his parents the film offers familiar plots, the family ignoring a child’s wisdom, a family in everyday turmoil brought together after a horrific experience.

The film, a good story enveloped in weak cliches uses old and familiar warnings; don’t leave your children unattended or harm will befall them, don’t ignore your child because they may speak the truth and a classic horror line, don’t move into an overly cheap home that immediately gives a family member the creeps.

As entertainment goes it is passable with good acting from all and Sam Rockwell miscast in a role that does not allow a true display of his skills despite being a believable protective father.

With the soundtrack, or rather minimal use of, offering an enjoyable sense of suspense and the script throwing in the occasional comment on society (unfairness of gender stereotypes I.e older brother has to be brave, husband has to be strong for wife) it is primarily a piece created with little if anything unique to offer.

All in all the film was an idea reworked with great visuals and an excess of horror cinema cliche.

Poltergeist is a good film despite any emotional investment I experienced being placed solely upon a stuffed animal (it survived) where the cinematography makes it and the story weakens.

3 *** Chiller cliche cache


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