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As comments on a recent article I wrote have shown me, the reason many people responded so well to Sense8 was the way it blindsided them. What at first looked to be your average high concept world spanning event show in the guise of Lost or Heroes turned out to be one of the most unique and joyful experiences that Netflix could provide.

Despite the gushing praise from viewers, Netflix is taking its time in deciding whether or not to renew the show, or at least carefully assessing what form Sense8 season 2 should take, given that the dedication of fans is way beyond what many expected. So what is this illusive second season that Netflix is supposedly aiming for in pleasing this new and bizarre fan base? Here are a few ideas for what might resonate well with the fandom is Sense8 gets renewed.

Sense9... eh?

Who will be the new Daryl Hannah?
Who will be the new Daryl Hannah?

You'll have to forgive the absolutely terrible title I just thought up that definitely won't be used, but then again Wachowskis... With the eight primary characters now all fully aware of their Sensate abilities, Season 2 could see our heroes team up to assume the role Jonas played in season 1, locating and saving others around the world in an effort to prolong their kind. Of course, this would give the show a structure similar to X-Men, but hey, what's not to like there?

An entirely new Sensate cluster

This may speak purely to my perchance for anthology storytelling, where each season departs massively from the last and creates a show that jumps between characters and settings all the time. Are fans ready to leave behind characters like Lito, Nomi and Sun Bak? Probably not, but it would be cool to get to know an entirely new cluster with the knowledge of how this show works. Then again, a new cluster would likely mean new wildly varied locations, which sounds costly, and anything that could prevent us from getting Sense8 Season 2 is something I want to avoid!

Sensating through time

Sense8 Season 2 CONFIRMED!
Sense8 Season 2 CONFIRMED!

This idea would likely be the only way Sense8 could be made more ambitious than it already is. Having an emotional and sensory bond with someone across the planet is a weighty concept enough, but what if the characters of Sense8 in Season 2 were able to make contact with others like them back and forwards in time. We could even see someone sensating with themselves and oh god that would be weird.

My only reservation would be that this would bring the show pretty close to what Cloud Atlas already was. Still, that doesn't mean this concept would provide for some of the most ambitious TV storytelling we've ever seen. The only way really is up for Sense8, and Netflix just has to give the show that chance!

More hanging out

Just hanging out in the mountains.
Just hanging out in the mountains.

This might be a strange suggestion for Sense8 season 2, but it is likely the most important one regarding the ponderous stance Netflix is taking upon the show's potential renewal. Netflix dissects and analyses viewing figures seemingly more than any other broadcasting entity today, and the results they've gotten from Sense8 are... strange. Figures suggest that people didn't just watch the show all the way though; they watched it two, three, four, maybe even five times over! I don't know if someone watched it eight times, but if they did, I know I will never like anything as much as that person.

So what do these figures mean? Well, they suggest that the start to finish nature of TV programming that shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones have told us are the gold standard today just isn't relevant to something like Sense8. People don't just watch Sense8; they marinade in it. Much of Sense8 doesn't involve an explicit drive towards a core narrative, but simply exhibits characters existing together. Perhaps this explains the way people view the show, where they're less concerned with where the story is going as they are with just spending time with these great characters.

Hopefully, Netflix will catch on to exactly what fans want with Sense8 Season 2. What would you like to see upon the show's renewal? Let us know with a post here on MoviePilot, by voting in our poll, or by leaving a comment below!


What would you like to see in Sense8 Season 2?


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