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In the land of action heroes, Tom Cruise is a god among men. The guy flat out makes some kick-ass movies. Among his best are the Mission Impossible films. Ethan Hunt is one cool dude. Luckily for us, TC is about to come out with a brand new adventure. So to get ready for Rogue Nation I have decided to rank the first 4 installments.

4. Mission Impossible 2

Don't get me wrong, this is the worst of 4 awesome movies. I had higher hopes for this one with John Woo at the helm. The action was awesome, we got to see doves, we got slow motion epic scenes that really didn't need to be in slow-mo. We got it all. The story just did not live up to it's predecessor. How about Thandie Newton though?

3. Mission Impossible 1

This movie got the ball rolling, had some great characters, and plenty of twists to shoot Mission Impossible to elite status among fans of spy movies. Tom Cruise walked off the set of this one a bona fide action star. Some of the action scenes are a little rough 20 years later, but how about Emmanuelle Beart though?

2. Mission Impossible 3

Philip Seymour Hoffman was so freaking good in this movie. He played the perfect bad guy. This is also the one that started to really portray an overall story arc for Ethan. In the first one he is young and trusted his team and his country. In the second one that trust has faded and he tries to find love while still being in the field. In 3 he realizes that love and happiness are the mot important things and leaves the field to find them. Now of course this all blows up in his face, but this movie made Ethan seem more like the rest of us. I also have to say, Michelle Monaghan, eh.

1. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

If you don't see the trend here, then allow me to tell you. These movies are getting better and better! In part 4 Ethan has pretty much given up on his own happiness. He only cares about the job, and keeping his wife safe. This means he can never be with his wife. He does watch her creepily from afar though. She seems to dig it. Simon Pegg is now a field agent and Jeremy Renner plays a good second fiddle. I would have liked some more Luther and the tease t bring Max back when they didn't was just mean. Paula Patton is very pretty, but she is no Thandie or Emmanuelle.

So there you have it. Let me know down below if you agree or disagree. Also, please chime in on the survey!


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