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We all know that Dick Grayson is dead in the DC Cinematic Universe, at least it seems like he is. We all also know that movies never stick 100% to the source material. Since everyone is going around thinking of crazy theories, I thought up one of my own. Thus, I present to you, THE GRAYSON THEORY.

First of all, let me explain what the Grayson theory is and why I came up with it. Look at these two pictures below:

The pictures match and we know for certain that the first picture is the Waynes' funeral, because you can see Alfred and young Bruce. So the question all of you should be asking is, WTF? That's what I asked when I spotted this. Dick Grayson died before Thomas and Martha Wayne did. And there's no way around it. Dick Grayson could have been Dick Grayson Senior and his son might of still gone on to become the first Robin. But if Dick Grayson Sr. died even before Bruce's parents did, that would mean Dick Grayson Jr. would be as old as Bruce, or probably older. That doesn't mean they couldn't pull it off, they'd just have to skip the Robin phase and go straight onto Nightwing. But it just wouldn't feel right, especially if Nightwing was older than Batman. So I came up with a solution to this problem and here it is, The Grayson Theory, the craziest damn theory out there.

The Grayson Theory

In my crazy theory, Dick Grayson is actually dead and because we can't see what else was on the gravestone, we have to assume it was the Dick Grayson from the comic books. So in my theory, the gravestone said something like, "A Loved Son". The person who killed Dick Grayson was Tony Zucco. So Dick's parents become...wait for it...vigilantes. They are quiet and stealthy, but there are rumours spreading in Gotham of a dynamic duo that is taking on crime. Young Bruce gets inspired by this and pursues a career in crime-fighting that will eventually turn him into the Batman. But wait! It gets crazier, you see when the Dynamic Duo finally find Tony Zucco, they recklessly engage, which gets Dick Grayson's mother killed. Driven by loneliness and desperation, Dick Grayson's father loses whatever mental stability he had left and turns into...this guy:

The Joker.
The Joker.

Not crazy enough for you? OK, how about if I told you that Dick Grayson was nicknamed "Robin" by his parents. So when Batman takes in Jason Todd and calls him "Robin", Dick Grayson's father a.k.a The Joker gets furious and kills him, thus starting the arch-rivalry between Batman and the Joker.

Crazy enough for ya?


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