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M. Night Shyamalan may be a laughing stock of today’s Hollywood, but back in the days he was hailed as the new face of Hollywood. Critics consider The Sixth Sense to be his masterpiece and his filmography includes a number of financially successful movies. Among these successes and misfires, Unbreakable remains his most original movie, considering the way he re-imagined on the superhero genre. With a unique story and relatable characters, Unbreakable stands out as the best non-comic superhero movie. Even with a mediocre performance at the box-office, the fans and creators understands the importance of the film, as numerous discussions regarding a sequel have taken place over the years. Here are the five reasons we need a sequel to this gem of a movie:

The Unbreakable universe

Unlike DC and Marvel, events of Unbreakable take place in a world very similar to ours, where there is no proof of alien life, and no advanced technologies like armors and shields. The world is just filled with a number of ordinary men and women who live regular lives. Here, the hero is blessed with some extra-ordinary abilities, not by science but by nature, and the villain is cursed with the same power. The battles that are fought don't involve lasers or weapons. Undoubtedly, Unbreakable is the most human superhero story we have seen. It was more than just a story, but also a lesson for us.

Security and Mr. Glass

Willis and Jackson in Unbreakable
Willis and Jackson in Unbreakable

As the hero and the arch nemesis, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson give the best performances of their careers. It’s a shame to see these iconic characters sink into oblivion without proper development. Security and Glass are the perfect representation of Yin and Yang and their characters have a vast depth to be explored. These characters will be safe in the hands of a director who is willing to let them evolve their traits in the next story. Unbreakable gave us the origin of these two brilliant characters, and it’s time to make them fight each other again.

Social studies of such a universe

As I’ve mentioned before, the Unbreakable universe is similar to ours in many ways. We all know the conflicts we are experiencing under the political situations. Where cities are burning down and wars are raging, a man like David Dunn could play a pivotal role on these situations. Marvel and DC movies tried to capitalize on these facts by bringing similar conflicts to their movies. Our politicians and scientists would have great interest in a man who is indestructible by nature. Whether it is for good or bad, a sequel could explore this issue in an intimate way. Such a movie could explore the real meaning of the phrase “with great power comes great responsibility”.

The veterans

Most of the primary cast of Unbreakable, including Willis and Jackson are at the twilight of their careers. While Jackson still shines with some mind-blowing performances such as in The Avengers and Tarantino movies, Willis struggles to keep up with his reputation as the old school action star. Along with them comes Robin Wright, who is also limited to television roles now. The Unbreakable sequel will be a revival for all these veterans, as they are still the best to do these roles. Also, don’t forget Shyamalan, who has taken a huge nose dive in Hollywood. He may have made a lot of stinkers but ‘Unbreakable’ is still his brain child.

The next ‘Dark Knight’?

The Dark Knight is famous for its realistic take on the ideas of justice and society. Evolving from the colorful comic book world, Nolan produced one of the most thought provoking movies of the past decade through The Dark Knight, and if any other movie can repeat such feat, it would be an Unbreakable sequel. It has the perfect ingredients to produce a dark, poignant thriller; A hero who is just like you and me, a villain who is more of an anti-hero and a number of characters, whose lives depends on the decisions of the former two. The next Unbreakable can take things to a different level if someone is willing to make the most of its potential. What do you think?


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