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If you're a Disney fan, you have probably grown up on the collection of films, firmly pledging your allegiance to the House of Mouse over the years. Depending on when you were born, you probably acquired a bunch of Disney related things from the likes of a Pocahontas Pollypocket, the VHSs, cuddly toys, DVDs and everything else in between! Being a fan of something really comes in all forms of dedication.

These fans have made a lifelong commitment to Disney by getting the designs permanently tattooed onto their skin!

12. Mickey

This incredible design by Miss Mae Laroux is based on the short film starring Mickey Mouse called Steamboat Willie! The tattoo looks like it has been peeled right from the movie!

11. Part of Your World

Sebastian sure looks like he is having a whale of a time! This beautiful and vibrant design is by tattoo artist @joshpalmerta2.

10. Vanellope von Sweetz, being well, just Vanellope

I can't even handle the amount of cute. There are bubbles and everything, the vibrant tattoo design is by @mietziii_heavenofcolours

9. Disney collage of epic-ness

Tattoo artist Londonreese has done a beautiful job of showcasing the Disney classics. Next time I am in California I know where I will be heading!

8. Nightmare Before Christmas/Beauty and the Beast mash up

I love Londonreese' super cute and vibrant work. Sally and Jack have found their match made in darkness with this fusion!

7. The Aristokitties

This cute design is by Sarah-K, the detail and colors are so sweet!

6. Piglet and Pooh on another adventure

Another gem from Sarah-K, with 'keep me in your heart, I'll stay forever' giving me all the emotions!

5. Anna from Frozen

Anna may be a newer character, but fans love her. Design by Brent Goudie.

4. The most perfect setting for this awesome tattoo!

Always giving me hope for a happy ending and responsible for putting a smile on my face - Jayme Leong

3. It's Mickey's home and he can break the rules!

Selfie sticks are not allowed in Disneyland parks. Throughout the park there are signs saying 'no selfie sticks,' but mischievous Mickey doesn't have to follow the rules. I wonder if you were to break the rules, would Pluto come and arrest you?

2. Abstract Little Mermaid

This sweet, brightly colored abstract design is by Josie Sexton.

1. Villainous vibes

Wow, these villains never looked so good together! I'm in total awe of Artbycharlee.


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