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Oliver Queen, a.k.a the Green Arrow, is framed for a crime he didn't commit and subsequently sent to a special maximum security prison. Inside, he has to work with some of his nemeses in order to escape and clear his name.

Charlie Hunnam as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow

Why? He has the look, the age and in becoming an action hero.

Dwayne Johnson as Bane

Why Bane? He might be a Batman villain, but make him look a little older, putten in Prison 10 years ago by Batman, who is now like 52 years old.

Why? Dwayne Johnson has the body, and you don't see the face.

Yvonne Strahovski as Laurel Lance/Black Canary

Why? She has the look.

James Maslow as Barry Allen/The Flash

Why? The age, they don't need to make a chance. Then again why The Flash in this movie? To get out of prison, you need speed. Who can help Oliver with that? The Flash

Ashley Benson as Felicity Smoak

Why? She's young, maybe too young. But make up does exist. Manny of you will say that i'm stupid. But why? She's a great actress and she's kinda hot. Not only is this good for the actress, and the character, but a lot of those Pretty Little Liars fans will watch the movie too then. Good for the movie too. Okay a lot of girls. But then again, it isn't just 1 day in the cinema. It's a whole week or 2 Weeks.

I'm done then, this was a small fancast of Green Arrow's movie 'Super Max'.

I didn't put more character in this movie, because it ain't a normal story. I just putted up a villain that i would like. A good actor to play the lead. And then 3 more helpers.

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I can tell that Paul Wesley has a role in it

and it has 15 characters/Fan casts (and maybe later Some more)


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