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Nawaf Junaidi

This is my first time writing here at Moviepilot and I am very excited to share with you which i consider to be the DC's Top 3 animated movies.

3.Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

This Justice League movie released on July 30th,2013 deals with the story of the flash.The Flash causes a temporary ripple that creates a fractured reality.In this world the justice league has never been formed,Superman does not exist and war has begun between Wonder Woman and Aquaman.When Barry Allen realises that he has travelled into an alternative timeline where his mother is still alive and he is not the flash. With the help of Batman and Cyborg he becomes The Flash and changes the timeline by stopping himself from saving his mother. This Justice League movie is a must watch for every DC fan.

2.Batman: Under the Red Hood

Batman:Under the Red Hood was released on July 27th,2010.This Batman movie features some of Batman's greatest villians like the Joker,Black skull and the Red Hood.In this movie Batman faces a vigilante who aims at cleaning the streets of gotham but does not follow his moral code.The Black skul sets a task force to eliminate the red hood who is causing problems for his buisness to carry on in gotham.After the task force fails to do the task. The Black skul hires the Joker to do finish the Red Hood. The Batman with Nightwing stops the Joker and Red hood.

1.Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman movie was released on march 9th,2009.This is origin story of the wonder woman, where diana prince goes on to become the wonder woman.This movie shows the skilled amazon warriors.This movie proves that for a great DC animated movie can be made without Batman and Superman.So go on watch this movie if you have not watched it yet.


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