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Plot: The Heroes, with lead Arsenal, go against Abra Kadabra and Thief. Then when Deathstroke escapes, they have a villain more, he teams up with an early friend of him Scarecrow. Ravanger is a villain who comes in after the break. Cyborg who also comes in after the break. Jason Todd is going to be an Anti hero, who accidently kill someone, and becomes a villain for Arsenal's team. But at the end might get saved in the story, Same for Thief. Make him the anti hero like in that comic book, who gets beaten up and saved, but not as a helper, but maybe in this show, save him and let him help.

Colton Haynes as Roy Harper/Arsenal (Hero)

Off course it's his show. He is from 1991, So 24 years old and the lead.

Emma Watson as Mia Daerden/Red Arrow (Hero)

How awesome would it be? To see Mia Daerden fighting crime with Arsenal. Let her be a little younger, 2 or 3 years and off course the better one is Roy, it's his show. From 1993 or 1994, 22 or 21 year old, fighting crime as a sidekick is great.

Leon Thomas III as Virgil Ovid Hawkins/Static Shock (Hero)

Why? The look and the age, He would be still in High school, what would be fun to watch, like from 1997, 17 years old, right in Senior year. Why? He would be a sidekick, but also smarter than the other, like working on computers and stuff.

Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (Villain)

Off Course him. A Soldier, with Mirakuru and warrior skill, experience, great first target and great possibility to crossover with Arrow.

Michael B. Jordan as Cyborg (Hero)

Why? He has the body, is an african american, and can look like a 25 year old. Let him be from around 1989,1990,1991.

Jake T. Austin as Beast Boy (Hero)

Make him Static Shock's best friend , from school, make him from 1997 too.

Zachary Quinto as Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow (Villain)

Would be awesome, Make him a little younger, like 30 years old. Would be amazing to see.

Kristen Stewart as Rose Wilson / Ravager (Villain)

She's a Teen Titans villain, so would be nice to see her here too.

Daniel Sharman as Jake Smith/Thief (Anti-Hero)

Why? He's one of the new villains in the Red Hood/Arsenal comic. He isn't really big in there, but we can make him team up with Abra Kadabra.

Sean Faris as Jason Todd/Red Hood (Anti-Hero)

Why? He was in the comic Red Hood/Arsenal, so it would be nice to have him here too, make him from around 1986.

Drew Van Acker as Abhararakadhararbarakh/Abra Kadabra (Villain)

Why? He's from the 64th century and doesn't grow old. Why don't make him seem younger and with more fun? I would like that

The first episode would have the name "Unite" when they come toghetter and Unite. They start fighting crime all by them self, but then when real villains come, they need to back up and then Arsenal comes in. Off course what up with Beast Boy, can he go to school like that? Off course not. Make him a Hulk type. Not as strong, but like make him chance from normal to beast when he gets mad or just let him control it.

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