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The next issue of Empire Magazine shines a spotlight on next years biggest blockbuster; Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. In the issue three new exclusive pictures are shown, one for Batman, one for Superman and one for Lex Luthor.

Batman turns on the Bat signal

This absolutely stunning still is presumably from the scene in which Batman calls Superman to Gotham using his own signal. We see this moment in the trailer and it's probably going to be the setting for their first showdown. Batman's body armor is what he uses to protect himself from the Kryptonian superhero, director Zack Snyder revealed at Comic Con that Batman's metal suit doesn't actually increase Batman's strength but more so acts as just a shell for Batman to take some hits from Superman. Many fans will notice that this armor is very reminiscent of Batman's armored suit in the popular The Dark Knight Returns in which he also fights Superman.

Superman visits Wayne Manor

The next still sees Superman standing in a decrepit old house, presumably Wayne Manor which we know from the trailer, is almost in ruins. We're not quite sure why Superman would be visiting Bruce Wayne's former home, I'm assuming this is after Superman discovers Batman's secret identity. Perhaps he goes to discover more about Bruce, or this is another setting for one of their showdowns.


The final picture highlights one of the film's villains; Lex Luthor. Superman's arch nemesis looks to play a very significant role in the film and will be played by Oscar Nominee Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network). We saw in set photos last year and from the trailer released at San Diego Comic Con 2015 that LexCorp features it's own private Basketball court, presumably in which the LexCorp employees can let off some steam during their breaks, or perhaps just for Lex in his free time.

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The next issue of Empire hits shelves this Friday! Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice hits theaters March 25th 2016!


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