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[Arrow](tag:720988) has had plenty of memorable 'big-bads' over all three of its seasons. These villains ranged from:

John Barrowman's 'Malcom Merlyn/Dark Archer':

Manu Bennett's 'Slade Wilson/Deathstroke':


Matt Nable's 'Ra's Al Ghul':

But coming to us now in season 4, is Damien Darhk. Played by prominent actor Neal McDonough (Marvel's Dum Dum Dugan), he may be Green Arrow's most formidable and dangerous enemy, yet. Speaking to Access Hollywood, Guggenheim, Arrow's showrunner, explained why. He says:

"Damien's a different kind of villain than we've had on the show before. He's not as centurion as Ra's, he's not as looney tune as Slade, he's not as -- and people will be surprised I use this word -- but he's not as noble as Malcolm Merlyn. He's pure evil. We wanted someone who was truly, truly malevolent. We've never done that on the show before. All of our big bads always thought they were doing… the wrong thing for the right reason. This guy does the wrong thing for the wrong reasons."

As if this tease wasn't enough, he also pointed out that we would be seeing him soon enough.

"It's a bad situation to have this guy coming in. And the other thing that we're doing that's different is in past seasons, you've had to wait 'til usually the mid-season finale to meet the big bad and have Oliver confront the big bad. We are coming out of the gate strong. We're not waiting and actually, that itself has really energized the show and it infuses even the 'villain of the week' episodes with an epic-ness that they wouldn't otherwise have."

We may also have our first look at Damien Darhk, courtesy of his new co-star, Paul Blackthorne, who plays 'Quentin Lance' on the show. He posted a picture on Facebook that seemingly features McDonough in character on set alongside some of his henchmen. Make your own mind up and check it out below!

The Promised First Look of Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk:

He shared the picture with the title, "Arrow back to work..." and tells us that it's "Nice to be working with Neal McDonough this season...".

Arrow’s fourth season premieres October 7th at 8:00PM on The CW.

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