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When I first learned Jared Leto was cast as Joker for Suicide Squad I was surprised like many people were. But like always I reserve my final judgement for when I finally see the movie. After so much wait for a first look I was shocked when I saw the first image with tattoos, grill, and all. At first I couldn't believe it and wanted the image to be fake. But now after seeing the official trailer after seeing other set pictures from the movie I am beginning to really like this new look. Why you may ask? Because this Joker is something new and different. It's putting a spin on the character that will fit with this new DC movie universe. And I think this new version has so many possibilities and can become a very complex and dangerous character. Below are some of my reasons why this Joker will hopefully be fantastic on the big screen.

1. His look. Believe it or not I think Leto is going to closely portray how the Joker looks in the comics. Especially the New 52 run. I mean their haircuts are almost identical. Some may say that the tattoos ruin the look, but in this modern era I think it will work. The only other thing I'll say about the tattoos is I will be excited to see if we get an explanation for them in the movie. Now to the lack of eyebrows. Again the lack of eyebrows is prominent in both versions below. Also they both have the deranged completely mad look in their eyes! Working our way down the face we reach the mouth. Now at first I was very upset with the grill. Then I read an article that changed my mind. They could just be hiding some very messed up teeth, which would also ring true to the comics. And then finally there is the skin. Just like Nicholson this Joker's skin appears to be bleached white which is perfect because that leads to one of my next points.

2. Origins. From reading, and from seeing set pictures pop up, I believe this Joker will stay true to the origins of the original Joker. Because of his bleached skin and acid green hair, we can assume that he has fallen into a vat of acid at some point in his career. We may even see this fall in the movie in a flashback. I say this because of the recent pictures of Ace Chemicals from on set of the Suicide Squad. These correct origins may even explain some of the tattoos. In the day we live in most members of gangs have tattoos. What if this Joker began acquiring his tattoos during his Red Hood Gang days? Personally I think that would make quite a bit of sense. Also this Joker has already had experience dealing with Batman and has already killed Jason Todd. I think this will add a lot to the character because we will get a battle hardened Joker who is truly psychotic.

3. He is a physical match for Batman. This is something we haven't really seen before. Yeah Nicholson's and Ledger's Joker both fought with Batman they were never able to put up a really good fight. As any reader of Batman comics we know that the Joker is deadly and has the strength to at least put up a decent fight. We can see this from looking at the first picture that was released. This Joker looks ripped! He looks like he could deal some damage to Batman given the chance. I mean look at the fight he puts up in the comics. This is the kind of Joker we need on the big screen.

Panels from Batman #40
Panels from Batman #40

4. This one isn't a really big part of it but we finally have a Harley. Granted the character wasn't originally in the comics and was only introduced in the animated series. But since then she has been in the comics and she has become a part of the Joker story. The chemistry that they have has become a very complex thing to see and I am very excited to see how they work together. It shows that the Joker is still human in some aspect in the way that he does want some form of companionship. Harley Quinn will add even more complexity to the Joker as a character. Having Harley also widens the universe even more especially given her relationship with Poison Ivy in the comics. She is going to be much more than just a ditsy blonde...well hopefully she'll be more complex than that. I mean just look at her, obviously her and Joker have shared some memories.

We are finally getting a Joker who appears to be completely mad and psychotic. We've had Nicholson who people thought would always be the best Joker then we have Ledger who becomes the only actor to win an Academy Award for a comic book movie. Jared Leto has big shoes to fill but I think Leto will do a great job and create an iconic Joker in his own right. This Joker is going to be very close to his true nature, killing with a smile and enjoying every second of the chaos he creates.


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