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I want to see the Saul Goodman story. Not that I don't want to eventually see the Breaking Bad storyline continue after Walters fall, I just don't want to see it YET. I think it will be great to see post Breaking Bad storylines in the last couple of seasons, and I look forward to that time on pins an needles. But it has to happen organically, naturally. Gilligan, et al began with Saul Goodman, let them tell his story. And part of his story, a big part, is Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Let them build up to it. Let's just see what happens. We know the ride will be great, why spoil it by rushing? Gilligan would be crazy not to merge the storylines when the time is right. Personally, I would love to see, in years to come, a season of Better Call Saul starting with that camera shot of Walter lying on the floor, slowly receding, hearing Baby Blue by Badfinger again, echoing as if it were from a sublime dream. And then, wait for it, the camera slowly comes back down, we hear the sirens getting louder, we see paramedics. The scene sharpens from a wistful, bitter sweet memory to the here and now reality. We see Walter's eyes flutter. Fade to Jimmy asleep in his chair, static on the TV because the tape of his old commercials ran out, he gets up and turns on the news. The story is airing, LIVE. He sits bolt upright, dropping his badly made drink on the floor. It can't be, can it? Would millions upon millions of worldwide fans be cheering with tears in their eyes at that moment? Yes they would. Would it be the biggest comeback since, well I don't know, but it would be the biggest. Could it work? Hell yes. And if Walter makes it, he'll sure as heck need a lawyer, a CRIMINAL lawyer. And where did Jesse go? He had to overhear something during all his time at that compound as an indentured servant. Where's the money? As Walter once asked to Skylar in an anguished voice from a cellar, WHERE'S THE MONEY!? I'm laughing insanely as Walter did after asking these questions, thinking of the possibilities. But, it should all come together naturally, in it's own time.


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