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Marvel Cinematic Universe is by far the best at creating Superhero movies. They have made us believe in their decisions from the doubts about RDJ, to using lesser known actors, Chris Helmsworth, Chris Evens, and Chris Pratt I’m talking about you. Even going with a comic that the average movie goer has no clue about, Guardians of the Galaxy and making it one of the most popular movies in the MCU. Marvel has even seen success with Ant Man, we all had doubts about Pull Rudd, changing directors, and using a character that shrinks when most people just want bigger, stronger, and more fierce heros. Marvel has definitely found the correct formula for making us all very happy movie after movie.

Every year we all wait for major Marvel announcements: what is coming in the next phase? Who is Spiderman? Who is Dr. Strange? Who is Captain Marvel? We all want these questions answered yesterday. While we do know some of these answer, sometimes these answers come too soon.

Before Age of Ultron we were promised Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Thor Ragnorak, Captain Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Inhumans and the Infinity War 1 and 2. Why did a bold two of the movies? Oh, because when Joss Whedon promised death, death, death in Age of Ultron those two movies gave away Iron Man, Steve Rodgers and Thor were all safe. Where is the fun in that? Every MCU fan has their favorite hero and by announcing these sequels ahead of time we are robbed the fear of losing our hero. Like in sports the sting of defeat makes the joy of winning that much better. In the cinematic experience the fear of your favorite hero getting killed makes the narrow escapes and the victory that much more enjoyable.

Phase 3 will end with the Inhumans. It is my hope that Phase 4 announcements wait until between Infinity War 2 and Inhumans. It is a safe prediction that every MCU hero will be seen in the Infinity War movies it is also safe to assume there will be multiple deaths. So Marvel hold off on the announcement! It drives us all crazy wanting to know what you will be entertaining us with 2020 thru 2025 but if I see movie announcements of Iron Man 4, Captain America 4, Thor 4, Planet Hulk, Dr. Strange 2, Antman 2, Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Black Panther 2 , Spiderman 2, or Captain Marvel 2 before the conclusion of the Infinity Wars a little part of me may die. Hold the suspense over our heads. Let the fan base squirm and theorize about what will happen. We need that fear! The fear is what makes the conclusion as satisfying as possible.

I understand the need to create buzz well before the films come out get the fans a chance to read about who will be coming and by all means announce the new solo acts! Let us know who is coming to the screen but leave us in doubt about who is returning to the screen. Continue the hinting with easter eggs as subtle as little extras on objects in frame it is that formula that makes the MCU so good.

Sound off below! Let me know if you agree about keeping sequels more secretive and what heroes you want introduced in Phase 4!


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