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As we came down from the high of Comic-Con this year, reality hit the entirety of geek culture like a brick wall: Satoru Iwata, President and CEO of Nintendo, had passed away at only 55 years old. For nearly a month, fans have been laying different assortments flowers or gifts outside of Nintendo stores and Nintendo Headquarters, creating beautiful artwork in tribute, and sharing various memories of playing video games that Iwata had so lovingly crafted alongside the developers at Nintendo.

For someone with the title 'CEO', Iwata has been remembered as one of the warmest, most dedicated leaders in gaming, and the latest video from Player Piano aims to capture that spirit with an upbeat, beautifully-crafted medley of classic Super Mario Bros themes.

Travel back in time and relive the greatest memories of Nintendo games from your childhood with this awesome arrangement by checking out the video below:

Player Piano is known for gigantic casts of characters, inspired settings, and badass custom pianos, all pulled together by the musical talents of pianist and ultra-geek Sonya Belousova with the film expertise of Tom Grey. This video features Sonya alone, with special effects surrounding her and changing as the medley guides it. I love this simplicity (though you can't exactly call the use of SFX 'simple') and the focus on Sonya's music; along with the nostalgia, is does remind me of the smiling, passionate CEO surrounded by Luigi mascots.

Player Piano is an awesome musical effort to bring some of the best geek soundtracks to life in creative, inspiring videos -- so make sure to check out their channel, and subscribe if you like what you hear.


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