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We get a whole lot of incredible stories out of sports. Whether they’re inspirational stories about courage or hilarious stories about an unlikely underdog, they almost always make for a great movie.

They’ve brought us some of our favorite characters...


They’ve brought us some of our favorite quotes...

A League of Their Own
A League of Their Own

In general, they’re some of our favorite movies. Here are my top 5 sports movies:

The Fighter

This movie has a fantastic story. Add to that a cast that includes Mark Wahlberg, Amy Adams and Christian Bale and you’ve got yourself an awesome movie. In fact, The Fighter won two Academy Awards and was nominated for five more including Best Picture. I’m not a boxing fan but this film sucks you into the ring and puts you right there with Mickey Ward. You know a sports movie is good when you start rooting for the main character like you’re watching an actual sporting event.

The Sandlot

This is the only comedy on my list, and nostalgia probably came into play in this decision a bit. The Sandlot was one of my favorite movies when I was growing up and still is today. It’s a phenomenal story about kids playing the game they love and getting into all kinds of trouble along the way. What’s not to love? To this day, people continue to quote this movie, in some cases probably not even knowing what they’re quoting. “You’re killin’ me Smalls,” is easily one of the most commonly used movie quotes in every day conversation, and it came from this great movie.


When you make a movie based on what is widely considered to be the greatest moment in American sports history, it better be good and Miracle did not disappoint. It’s the story of one of the most important games ever, one that most people already knew the outcome of, and the film still managed to keep everyone on the edge of their seats throughout. It’s definitely a movie I could watch again and...


Most sports movies that are based on true events all have one thing in common: they’re based on an incredible story. Moneyball is based on a true story but it’s one that most people knew nothing about. In fact, it’s based on a story that wouldn’t even remotely interest most people that aren’t avid baseball fans. I personally am an avid baseball fan and knew the story going in and this movie still blew me away. It connects you to the characters in a way that most films don't and you feel so many different things for so many different people that you forget you’re watching a movie. My only small gripe with this film is the failure to mention some great players on the Oakland A’s roster, like that year’s American League MVP Miguel Tejada for example. I am absolutely willing to look past that every time I watch this movie though.

Remember the Titans

There are so many great sports movies out there. Everyone has their own personal favorite. There's a good chance you have another incredibly motivational and entertaining movie that you like more, but to me this film is most deserving of the title ‘Best Sports Movie.’ Granted, it’s about so much more than sports but it is still centered around football and how the game brought together people separated by years of hate and turned them into a family. If you get through this entire movie without either laughing, crying or getting angry, you better check for a pulse. This is easily one of the most emotional films I’ve ever seen and that’s why I’m willing to call it my favorite sports movie ever.


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