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Until Dawn is taking us deep into the heart of the classic teen slasher movie. Romance and good times are just what the doctor ordered for these frisky teens.

Until Dawn is a wonderfully stereotypical representation of the teen slasher generation. It follows a group of 8 teenagers as they spend the night in a log cabin, in the woods, in the middle of nowhere. What could possibly go wrong?

All seems well within the cabin, the booze and hormones are flowing as the teens make themselves comfortable. They laugh and reminisce about a late friend - blissfully unaware that they are now being watched.

Traditional Survival Horror Is Dead

Through the course of the night, anyone can live, anyone can die, and things aren't always what they seem. Twists and turns will keep you guessing right to the end as you step into the shoes of each of the friends. The decisions you make on their behalf will determine who survives and who will meet their bloody demise.

What's brilliant about Until Dawn is how much it clings to it's 'teen horror movie' roots. Each character is just as annoying and obnoxious as you'd expect them to be in a slasher movie. The ratio of characters you would willingly see take a machete to the face perfectly balances out with the number of characters you would rather didn't take a machete to the face.

There are times in Until Dawn that you will find yourself screaming at the TV, "Get out the room!" or "Don't go in there!". The beauty of this creation is that they will listen to you, in Until Dawn we have control of the characters.

Unlike other horrors releasing this year, Until Dawn focuses heavily on the 'butterfly effect.' The characters are gripped by fear and with tensions in the group running high, you'll be forced to make snap decisions that could mean life, or death... for anyone or even everyone involved.

Every choice you make in your terrifying search for answers - even the seemingly trivial ones - will carve out your own unique story. From the footage you will see that when a decision is made an icon will appear that says “Butterfly Effect Update.” This in effect has changed the future of all parties in the group.

This game will never repeat itself. Carve your path to survival with branching story lines that promise no two experiences will be the same. The choices you make may ripple unseen into moments of grave peril, or they may very well save a life.

The Footage - (Jump Scares Ahead)

Get your popcorn ready, turn off the lights and take an innocent trip into the woods. A sexcapade that will not turn out how they imagined it. First point to note is the superb quality of the aesthetics: the characters look silky smooth and their surroundings look even better.

In terms of horror, this extended footage doesn't blow me away. I know that we haven't exactly watched the scariest of bits, but the atmosphere that we remember from other survival horror games seems to be a little off.

One moment that needs to be highlighted from the above footage that genuinely sent a chill down my spine comes in at 2:48. Watch the above video again and look over his right shoulder as he jumps down... Did you see it? Classic horror.

This game blasts in to my official top horror picks for 2015. From the gameplay showcased here and what I have experienced, Until Dawn promises to force us into emotional and moral hell, and you know what, I love it!

We've all seen the movies, we've all shouted at the screen, now it's time to experience it for real. Another evolution of gaming approaches with the launch of Until Dawn. The level of interaction and scope for individual exploration raises the bar for all horror to follow.

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