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When the The Incredibles came out back in 2004, a witty animation about a suburban family of superheroes with the desire to save fellow citizens, we were all spell-bound by the action-packed fun Pixar had unleashed on us.

And now that it's been announced that the studio is working on The Incredibles 2, I couldn't be more excited. In preparation, remind yourself of the brilliant superhero extravaganza here:

And naturally, I'm not the only one who is itching for more action from The Incredibles.

A cosplay photographer from Russia has taken her superhero fandom to the next level by profiling a certain, real-life family on her profile, that are pretty 'incredible' in their own right.

Eva took photos of a mom and her young son, who were more than happy to pose as characters Elastigirl and little Jack Jack.

Although photographer Eva hasn't released the names of the models, we can be rest assured that this wonderful family's cosplaying game is on point. Take a look!

I love how the mom even posed in such a way that she looks elongated. So clever!

In post-production, it appears that colors have been slightly enhanced, making the red superhero costumes really pop, adding to the futuristic vibe of the dynamic duo.

Little Jack Jack is adorable and his tiny blonde quiff is just perfect. It's just so endearing to see kids getting involved in cosplay!

For more insights into Eva's mad cosplay photography skills, check out her awesome Tumblr here.



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