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Josh Goldenberg

Often times, we see movies about how the guy gets the girl and they live happily ever after...but lets get real...nine times out of ten...that dose not happen! In reality, there may not always be a happy ending...maybe at first...but most marriages end in divorce anyway! The problem is, especially for girls, movies like: The Note Book, any of the Disney Princes movies, or the Proposal, all show a happy, loving ending that is very unrealistic.

So, lets show 'em what they want...and then what they get!

For my Unlikely Double-Feature, here are the movies:

For the Expectation:

Talk about a movie that sets high expectations! This shows a girl who hangs with the popular kids and then ends up with the guy in the end...with almost no real problems throughout. Talk about expectations!


Sooooo, here is a movie where most would think, "Oh, a superhero! Of course he gets the girl!" WRONG!!! At the end (spoiler) Captain America gets frozen and never gose on the date he promised the girl! SO THERE!!! DON'T TRY TO EXPECT MUCH MORE!!! EVEN HEROES DON'T ALWAYS GET THE GIRL!!! QUIT WHINING!!!


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