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Earlier this week, wrestler Stardust (also known as Cody Rhodes) took it upon himself to ignite the fires of a feud with Stephen Amell, the star of The CW's Arrow. Amell has replied via Facebook in somewhat casual, dismissive ways, but it seems that Stardust's latest stunt has driven the nail in the coffin. Check it out below:

In a video mocking his WWE rival, Neville, Stardust once again alluded to the trouble with 'heroes' - the wrestler continued this taunt with a mocking 'archer' pose after winning a match. Stardust then tore apart an issue of Green Arrow, and cackled his way offscreen.

Though this particular WWE storyline is only one of many wacky concepts leading up to SummerSlam, Amell seems to be playing his part fully, as he's gone from dismissive and amused to a full-on social media call-out -- which has been met with a bang-up photoshop job by Stardust himself.

Whether at RAW or SummerSlam, it seems as though Stardust, Stephen Amell, and apparently Neville, who keeps getting dragged into this weird situation because of his rivalry with Stardust, will be meeting again very, very soon.


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