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I am the first person to say that we shouldn't already be thinking about the solo Batman Reboot movie when we haven't even seen Batman vs Superman or Suicide Squad yet. But let's face it, it is fun to think about. That's why I am writing this. Just having fun thinking about what the future holds. These are the Top Five villains I think deserve a spot in a solo Batman movie. Not all five in one movie but just one of them should be the primary protagonist. In almost every Batman movie they add more than one villain to the mix. And doing this doesn't give the villains the justice that they deserve. I will also note my honorable mention, who is the only villain I think could get away with having a minor part as a secondary villain. So here it goes, The Top 5 villains.

1. The Riddler

I know most will automatically think of Jim Carrey's portrayal of Edward Nigma in Batman Forever. Personally I think his version was decent and did the character some justice but even then it was a little too childish for my liking. The Riddler is a genius, and a criminal mastermind to be reckoned with. Especially the newest incarnation of the character written by Scott Snyder in the Batman Zero Year story arc. This is a man who just wants to play a game and for the Batman to play along. He wants to prove he is smarter, and this is where his weakness lies. Nonetheless I think seeing a modern version of this character would be fantastic. I'm sure since Batman's retirement he has been waiting for his return so he too can return to terrorize Gotham with his games and prove he is smarter than the bats. The Riddler is not a stand up comic like Carrey is. A serious take on the character would make a great start for the new Batman movies.

2. Scarecrow

I know it hasn't been very long since Batman Begins but Nolan's Scarecrow did not do complete justice to the character. They made him a secondary villain... a puppet to Ra's al Ghul. Scarecrow deserves his own master plan to destroy Gotham. The Rocksteady Batman games have made the Scarecrow more popular and have shown him as he should be seen. He's very intelligent and he is also a monster. He wants to see Gotham destroy itself. And I think he would fit nicely in this dark and gritty DC movie universe Zack Snyder is creating. Nolan's trilogy did a decent job of allowing Scarecrow's fear toxin getting inside of Batman's head but I think seeing intense delusions and inducing very painful memories could do a lot for Batman as a character in these new movies.

3. Ra's al Ghul

He's one of my favorite Batman villains. He is evil, yet has great respect for Batman. He knows Bruce Wayne is Batman but he doesn't tell a soul and he also shows his respect by calling him detective. Neeson's Ra's was good and showed he could fight but he missed the mark on several areas. The BIGGEST reason is the lack of the Lazarus pit. It is so integral to the character. Ra's al Ghul should be over 600 years old. With a reboot of the character we see can the Ra's al Ghul we deserve to see. Matt Nable's Ra's on Arrow has been amazing. We need to see a movie version of him. He has the pit, he has his elegant green robes, and he has The League of Assassins, not Shadows. That's the Ra's we need. Plus bringing him back right away allows for the introduction of Talia and the chance for her and Bruce to be together. It could also set up a Under the Red Hood story line, as well as set up the possibility of Damian Wayne being "born". These reasons and so many more are why Ra's al Ghul should definitely be in the next movie.

4. Mr. Freeze

This is character is one that you can almost feel sorry for. His love of his wife is what drives him to do the things that he does. When a villain is driven my emotions like that it makes for a villain that is much more likable and can be related to in some ways. Plus he is another of the few villains that can physically take on Batman. And that is always an entertaining thing to watch. If Batman can just knock out the villain with a single punch it's not as fun to watch. Arnold Schwarzenegger was our last portrayal of the character and although Batman and Robin was disliked by most fans I personally think Arnold may have been the best part. They also kept his origins very close to what the comics show. I think seeing Batman tracking down and fighting Mr. Freeze would be very entertaining to watch. Especially if we could see the relationship we see between them in Batman The Animated Series.

5. Joker

You cannot go wrong with Joker as a main villain. There are so many stories that can be told about the two of them. By the time we get a solo Batman movie I think enough time will have passed between seeing the Joker in Suicide Squad that it would be time they met again. This time Joker could be back out and looking for revenge. This is a Joker who can stand toe to toe with Batman and deal a beating. Especially given their history with Joker killing Jason Todd. Even more history if he has shot Barbara Gordon by now. Batman will still feel all that pain and responsibility and will want to hurt Joker. That's why the Joker as a villain would be so interesting to watch. They are meant to fight one another forever.

Finally my honorable mention goes to the Penguin. Danny DeVito did decent in his portrayal. But we deserve the business man. The king of organized crime. The Penguin would not have to be a main villain. He could just be seen as the owner of the Iceberg Casino. If he was in the Batman movie Batman could just stop by and get information from him. Or maybe he is just assisting another villain by giving them men or weapons. Just like he is a secondary character in the game Batman Arkham City.

Well that ends my top villains. These were just my top picks and reasons that immediately came to mind. I know everyone has their own opinions and thoughts. I would love to have other thoughts and opinions. Let me know below.


Who do you think should be the villain?


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