ByAkh-Rahmaad Abdul Malik, writer at

In season 2 of The Flash, Barry's suit will have the white logo. They showed it off at Comic-Con but now it's official: Grant Gustin will be wearing the flash suit with the white logo.

The Flash

The Flash season 2 suit on display at comic -con.
The Flash season 2 suit on display at comic -con.

The real question we need to ask now is if Barry and Cisco hadn't seen the suit would he have had the white logo? The older Barry in the season finale was from an alternate time line, so just like the Reverse Flash he vanished.

My guess is that that black hole in the sky will destroy his suit. They already trashed the first suit, so it would be cool if when he came down his suit was ripped and falling apart. That would mean they'll have to make him a new suit.

In the comics Barry has always had the white logo, so I think even if they hadn't seen the future suit he would have still had the white logo in the future. It's like he was destined to have it.

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