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Plot:The start is how you see his parents get murder, growing up, then falls in the hole with bats. Goes to an island on his 18 years old, trains with Ra's Al ghul till he's 20, marries Talia Al Ghul, and has a child with her. Goes back home with the Child and divorced to Talia Al Ghul. Then you see him training, fghtin some crime till he's around 26 and then with Lucius fox his help get's his suit and starts as Batman on his 27 years old. With villains as Ra's, Joker and more.

Time: 210 Minutes. Why? To see it from the start 30 minutes, then have 60 minutes fight against Ra's and 2 hours fight against the rest.

Paul Wesley as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Actor Born: 23 July 1982

Character Born: 1993 (27 years old)

Jason Isaacs as Ra's Al Ghul

Jake Abel as Jason Todd/Red Hood

Actor: From 1987

Character: From 1997 (23 years old)

Steven R. McQueen as Dick Grayson/Nightwing

Actor: From 1988

Character: From 2000 (20 years old)

Dylan O'Brien as The Joker

Actor: From 1991

Character from: 1999 (21 years old)

Justin Bieber as Tim Drake

Actor: From 1994

Character from: 2002 (18 years old)

Jensen Ackles as Harvey Dent/TWO Face

Actor: From 1978

Character: From 1986 (34 years old)

Selena Gomez as Seline Kyle/Catwoman

Actress: From 1992

Character: From 1995 (25 years old)

Hugh Jackman as James Gordon

Actor: From 1968

Character: From 1972 (48 years old)

Even Peters as Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow

Actor: From 1987

Character: From 1991 (29 years old)

Kate Beckinsale as Rachel Dawes

Actress: From 1973

Character: From 1988 ( 32 years old)

Denzel Washington as Lucius Fox

Actor: From 1954

Character: From 1961 (59 years old)

Adrian Pasdar as Thomas Wayne

Actor: From 1965

Character: From 1970 (50 years old, but dead)

Jill Wagner as Martha Wayne

Actress: From 1979

Character: From 1975 (45 years old, but dead)

Odette Yustman as Talia Al Ghul

Actress: From 1985

Character: From 1990 (30 years old)

Ian McKellen as Alfred

Actor: From 1939

Character: From 1942 (78 years old)

Johnny Depp as The Riddler

Actor: From 1963

Character: From 1973 (47 years old)

Jaxon Bieber as Damian Wayne

Actor: From 2009

Character: From 2014 (6 years old)

Zayn Malik as Thief

Actor: From 1992

Character: From 1996 (24 years old)

It's Always fun to see a familiar famous face for just one fight scene.

This would be my Plot+Fan cast for the movie.

I did it early, because i really wanted to share my Fancast with you guys.


Did you like it?


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