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The Greatest American Hero ran from 1981 to 1983, featuring William Katt, Robert Culp, and Connie Selleca. The series was about a teacher, who's given a special suit by an alien race. He uses the suit to make a positive impact around the world. The problem is he loses the instruction manual and has to figure out how to use the suit, on the fly. This hour long series took a lighthearted approach to many of the countries woes at the time. Like many 80's shows, the writing just wasn't very good. I think that may have been partially intentional. However, the show was fun to watch. Not so much now, as we realize just how cheesy it was.

Now, 30 plus years later, there's reason to hope for a reboot.

1)Access to better special effects. Let's face it, the special effects were horrendous in the original.

2)Cooler costume design. An upgrade to the original red suit can easily happen.

3)Better, grittier writing. Robert Culp was primarily used as wise cracking side kick, while William Katt's main character was the physical humorous source. A reboot could combine the 2 characters and create a fundamentally sound main character.

4)Superheroes and aliens are a hot commodity.

5)While Marvel and the DC Universe battle it out, this would make for a fantastic filler during any hiatuses.

6)There's plenty of villainy to attack in today's society. We could use a political comic enema.

7)This would be a great way to introduce and share our childhood with our children.

8) This could be a fantastic opportunity to do a reboot, featuring either an African-American of female heroine. After all, isn't it about time an alien left such a cool gift for a minority?

9)There are plenty of locations that could be used as the new central location.

10)Can you imagine how much fun this show could be today? Camcorders, cell phones, lap tops, so many gadgets that could incorporate a whole new feel to a show like this.


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