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Nicholas Baumgartner

I've heard a lot about the new Ant-Man movie that came out recently. I've also heard a lot of complaining about the plot. Specifically, that Hank Pym is not Ant-Man. And here I sit wondering,

What's the problem?

Most of the complaints I've heard are about how Scott Lang is Ant-Man. This complaint is founded off of the Hank from the comics, who was Ant-Man first. But the people who make this complaint also complain about the Avengers, saying Hank should have founded the Avengers, not Nick Fury and certainly not S.H.I.E.L.D. Well, there's a problem with these complaints, and here it is:

The MCU is a different animal.

People tend to forget that starting with Iron Man, Marvel started along a path of movies that would lead to where it is today. But, they didn't realize what a clamoring that movie would raise. They thought, oh, well, let's do this and be done with it. To the surprise of everyone, Marvel fans clamored for more, with critics proclaiming the movie to the heavens. From that point on, Marvel decided to revamp most of the popular Avengers characters, starting with Iron Man and ending with Captain America, teasing us all the way to "the greatest superhero movie ever made" as proclaimed by the New York Times. And that's the point. It was a REVAMP. When they decided to revamp, they were going to change some things. It probably isn't going to be the same as that show you watched as a kid, but that's ok, because it's still all your favorites (although I can't really speak for you), and they made some changes, for better or for worse. I have friends who reviewed the movie highly, even if it wasn't the original storyline.

So, the point is that sometimes you have to deal with the changes revamps make, even if you don't like it.


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