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Grant Paul Roberts

SPOILERS: Ant-Man, Civil War comics, and all that jazz!

So i am a long time Marvel addict, I got the comics mailed to my house as a kid. I road my bike to the library to spend hours reading up on my favorite heroes and their adventures. But it wasn't until I became an adult (funny right) that I became obsessed with these movies, comics, theories.

In the Civil War comics there are a group of young heroes, who are the nail in the coffin for this civil war to start. Now it is becoming very apparent that in the MCU we have our FAVORITE heroes to blame.

The Avengers: We have to start by blaming the Avengers, because they are technically the first super-hero team. But after destroying New York all of them got a whole lot of flack . So why not drop a city, or have the hulk rampage through a town. Those could have been very minor things given they weren't started all because of Tony Stark making Ultron.

In Age of Ultron we see the debate begin between Captain America and Iron man. Tony wants an out, he doesn't want the responsibility of loosing lives and ruining cities but he does want people protected. Where as Captain America wants to be the one protecting he feels its his duty and his right and he stated to Tony at the end of AOU that he left family, wife, and hopes of a future back in the 50's.

ANT-MAN: Well it just seems like anyone gets to be a hero these days doesn't it? Not at all knocking ANT-MAN he is by far a breath of relief, but i would be thinking this if i were the US government. What makes a former criminal qualify to save lives?! ANT-MAN also left tons of destruction in his path! Is he held responsible? What makes it okay for him to cause this destruction?! Why should he hold onto this technology just because Hank Pym says its okay? I think this will play a pivotal roll in civil war, mostly because it doesn't sound a whole lot like Stark and Scott's mentor Hank get along very well! Plus ANT-MAN went toe to toe with an avenger! Isn't that like a civilian fist fighting a police officer?!

SPIDER-MAN: Last but certainly not least, Peter Parker. Marvel has made it very clear that Parker is going to just be a boy in high school, who obtains these powers and although with great power comes great responsibility, how responsible are/were you in High-School? Tony I am going to assume has our first run in with Peter, he will figure out very quickly he is just a kid! Where that wouldn't bother someone like Steve Roger because hero's come in all shapes and sizes i think it will really bother Tony especially with the whole super hero initiative going on. Can a 15 year old kid measure up to a God, A Monster, An Iron warrior, and a war hero? Who knows. But I don't like Peter Parkers odds. If they follow the Civil War comics at all we will get to meet and say goodbye to peters Aunt May.

Thank you all for reading my thoughts on factors that could lead to civil war. Do you have any ideas?! Think Daredevil may play a role?! How about Thanos? Will Frank Castle have any play time?! WHO KNOWS! what I do know is I appreciate you reading my first article and please take it easy on me! I know how us comic book lovers can be!


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