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So I was about twelve. I had invited my friend over for a sleepover, and as usual we slept in the basement. We did this because the basement had a spare guest bedroom and a pullout bed on the couch, so it worked well. We were watching a movie, nothing too scary. Suddenly, the movie turned off, and the light in the next room over flicked off for several seconds. The light above us remained on.

My friend and I had always been tough, so although it was startling, we weren't as afraid as we were intrigued. We did sleep upstairs that night though, because there was an unsettling feeling in the basement.

I myself had always been interested in the occult. I knew what to do. The next morning, I took a spare board out of my dad's workshop and carved out a makeshift Ouija board. My friend and I took it down to the basement and into the spare room, where the lights had turned off. We prepared the board and summoned the spirits as I had learned to do. We had no luck

Next, we tried our luck in my room. We had many responses. The process was very draining. Shortly after, though, my room felt very different. It was perpetually cold, and almost always, your stomach would sink when you walked in. I saw faces in and near my closet and felt hands in mine quite regularly. My friend reported the same.

My young brother began having night terrors, which he hadn't had for years. He also became scared to go into his room alone. He said he had a new friend named Botskul, who made him scared and was mean to him. he showed me a picture he had drawn of Botskul, which had sharp teeth, angry eyes, and spikes on it's head. My other brother, who was younger still, only three, showed me a picture that was almost identical to his brother's. Needless to say, I was extremely unnerved by this.

To this day, my friend and I are still haunted by these entities.


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