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Fanboys and fangirls alike, gird your loins! In the above picture Zack Snyder has revealed what is possibly the most important element of the Justice League. Without this one key ingredient the universe could collapse and the comic book community could binge all the Haterade on the planet until earth becomes a seething void of pure disdain.


That is not the case, and we now know that Warner Brothers and DC have their act together and will, in fact, do justice to the Justice League and the DCEU.

Prepare yourself...

Here it is...



Do you feel it? The sigh of relief? The weight lifted? The prophecy fulfilled?

As we all know, it is our job as fans to properly evaluate every single bit of information that leaks or is shared from every studio regarding future projects. And once we have had enough time to properly digest, process, reflect, and meditate on these nuggets of information that are always presented in perfect context and clearly represent the entire project as a whole... it is then our responsibility to overreact, turn on CAPS LOCK, and blast the entire interwebs declaring, "Hollywood is a sham! The art of film is lost! Nothing is awesome! Studios need to learn how to balance on the impossible tightrope between originality and faithfulness to the source material! etc."

EDIT: Here is another photo that was just released...

Mmmmmmmmm... Delicious curl.
Mmmmmmmmm... Delicious curl.

Well, finally we have a banner of hope. Yes, indeed Superman gives more hope to the comic book fan community than ever before. The curl is back, and on it's shoulders is the weight of the world. Superman has indeed saved the day.

Thank you Superman!

Thank you Zack Snyder!

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