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How many people have "researching and writing about movies" as a hobby?
Nicholas Havard

Alright so I learned that there were sequels to the first Austin Powers movie. I was excited yet pretty skeptical. Comedy spoofs just aren't that good in general. The first Austin Powers was admittedly a pretty good film. I personally didn't laugh a whole bunch, but who's to say the sequels can't be funnier?

Thankfully, they are funnier movies. I'm ashamed to say that I found myself laughing at a lot of the snot and fart jokes throughout both movies. That being said, the Austin Powers sequels fall flat in terms of story and characters. I know, I know, it's a spoof movie and they aren't meant to be like Schindler's List. Yet that doesn't really excuse cramming some more Mike Myers humor in place for a quick scene that develops his character further. Goldmemeber did do this with giving some background, but Goldmember also had the most idiotic humor. I guess it's kind of a trade off?

As I was watching these movies, I couldn't help but sense how much of a Mike Myers fest it was. They both reminded me of the third Shrek movie in a pretty uncanny fashion. That is to say that while the potty humor made me chuckle, both films consistently for cheap laughs rather than intelligent humor. Now as I said in my review for the first film, I don't mind slapstick that much. But when you are beaten over the head with it consistently, it doesn't become that entertaining; just annoying. I also stand by my opinion that everything that has been needed to be said about these films has been said in the past 15ish years.

Overall, the Austin Powers movies are fine. Are they masterpieces? Hell no. They are fun comedy spoofs of James Bond that spoof him pretty well.


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