ByGrant Paul Roberts, writer at
Grant Paul Roberts

ANT-MAN blew me away! My expectations for this movie were not very high but i promised myself after bailing on guardians of the galaxy in theaters I would never miss another MCU movie again!

This movie did not let me down! While funny and witty, it took a tone setting up many things for phase 3. Including Civil War, I thought Hank Pym's character was dead on bitter but in a comical fashion. It was nice to see H.Y.D.R.A. still flourishing and interesting to see how they come in to play.

But most of all ANT-MAN, Himself Paul Rudd did an amazing job! Even if his son thought the movie would suck! His comical bout with Falcon had me laughing out loud to the point where people in the theater were annoyed with me. His dynamic with the other actors and actresses were dead on.

This movie all and all was a great hit for marvel and really opened up the doors to our future in the MCU. If you havent seen it i suggest going..... NOW .....THIS MINUTE...COMIC FANS ASSEMBLE. Don't forget to stick around for the post credits!!!!


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