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Cinema has been around longer than almost every human being on the planet. A whole century. A lot of time for technology to grow and flourish has given us some of the greatest films ever made. With this new decade in movies, we've seen more of the same, but a lot of unexpected greatness as well. Weather it's films that predict the future, introduce us to groundbreaking technological advancements, or let the audience relive practical effects; they always seem to grab ahold of our hearts. Now, it's impossible to put everyone's favorite movies on here from the last five years. Never the less, here are my top 10 films of the past five years in cinema. Rest assured, they are the best.

10. The Avengers

Avenger's Assemble!
Avenger's Assemble!

Not just the best superhero film of this decade, but one that changed the superhero genre, and is the platform for how all comic book movies are made today. You've all seen this one. It has only been around a mere three years, but is already an instant classic. From now iconic heroes, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk; they battle for planet earth. Sure the story may be simple, but it made us all feel like we could save the world; and in a way saved us all when we needed superheroes to take care of us most. "Thank you, for your cooperation."

9. Boyhood

Who doesn't connect with the boy laying in the grass above? All us guys have gone through boyhood and at some point wish we could relive the moments that made us who we are. Never have I seen a movie so realistic. Watching this movie reminded me of going through my home movies. Too bad they aren't in HD. Mason takes you on his journey and makes it feel like your own as you grow up with him. The first movie to be filmed over 12 years with the same cast, really is a remarkable feat. Director Richard Linklater accomplishes what most filmmakers do not. Someone who reminds us life is constant. It's all about the moments, and that you must seize every opportunity given to you.

8. Toy Story 3

Speaking of growing up, this is the one that hits home the most for me. I played with toys my whole life. I grew up with Disney, Pixar, Buzz & Woody, and most importantly Andy. A series of movies spanning fifteen years came out at exactly the right time. We all have to let go of our childhood sooner or later. A lot of us wish it was later. Watching this film however, makes you wish you could take your childhood back, and you'll realize your toys were apart of you and made you who you were. These characters will live on forever. John Lasseter may have the finest creative mind on the planet and we owe him everything for introducing us to this world of toys. "So long, partner."

7. Her

Director Spike Jonze is a true mastermind of messing with our emotions. He doesn't make that many films, but when he does; you're in for a treat. Joaquin Phoenix gives the performance of his life as Theodore who falls in love with his computer A.I., Samantha; voiced beautifully by Scarlett Johansson. In a way, we are all falling in love with Artificial Intelligence, and that is a really scary thing. In this story, it's portrayed however as an infinite abyss of pure heart. We could all learn a little thing from this movie. Stay close to the people you love, you don't know how long you have with them.

6. 12 Years A Slave

This story should inspire everyone on earth that anything is possible and you can overcome any and all odds. Solomon Northup is a true hero and survivor. His tale of slavery is the most brutal, heartbreaking thing I've ever seen. It was probably even more terrifying in real life in the 1800's when there was so much hate in the world. His story has showed us that we can move forward past hate and ignorance. You must be strong to survive; and he was certainly the strongest.


I debated which Christopher Nolan film to put on here, and nothing even comes close to his masterpiece about dream theft. Anyone who has watched this movie enough to understand it knows that, dreams feel real when we are in them, and that it's when we wake up it's actually strange. Nothing is strange here. We can all relate to Cobb, for all he wants to do is make it back to his children. And the only way he can is by planting an idea in someones mind, "Inception." In the end it doesn't matter if it was a dream or reality, because by the end, Cobb is a happy man and he has finally made it home.

4. Silver Lining's Playbook

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are the perfect odd couple. They are both batshit crazy. Something I can relate to, because myself and others I know have suffered from mental illness. It's not an easy feat to recover from, but just like the movie; the only way to beat it is with the help of family and loved ones. This film really hit home for me, and David O. Russell achieves a masterwork with great medicine. "If it's me reading the signs." watch this movie, it will change your life.

3. Drive

Most likely the only film in history where we don't know the protagonists real name, yet we care a tremendous amount about him. He's not even a hero, he's a real human being. No pun intended. "Driver," Gosling's character. will do anything to protect his neighbor Irene and her son from the mob. He does so by kicking serious ass. Loaded with metaphors and great performances by Albert Brooks and Bryan Cranston; this is a must watch. You will debate the ending of this film forever. There should not be a sequel. Ever.

2. Birdman: Or the Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance.

This story really is about about everything in life. We have here, the washed up father trying to redeem himself. The drug addicted daughter, trying desperately to prove her worth and save her sanity. The narcissist who tries to steal the show. And finally, the critic who feels betrayed. These characters are some of the best i've seen in any film. Michael Keaton was born to play this part, and was robbed of his oscar last year. Never again in time will you see an actor parody a parallel story to their life. Birdman or Batman, he's still the best he is at what he does. Filmed over one long continuous take, Alejandro G. Iñárritu and Emmanuel Lubezki are responsible for visually one of the best films of all time.

1. The Social Network

And finally we have the reason that no one will eventually talk to each other again in person, is the biographical film about Facebook co-creator; Mark Zuckerberg. David Fincher directs his best film since "Fight Club," and Aaron Sorkin writes the best zippy dialouge ever spoken. While Jessie Eisenberg might not have the best acting ability in terms of range, he's brilliant here as a borderline autistic, self absorbed, ego-maniac. Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake are also here at their best. Robbed of a Best Picture win in 2010, "The Social Network" will go down in history as the film that define's this generation. Film students and our children will ask us "When was the world normal?" We will reply with, "Before The Social Network."


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