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Marvel studios has a remarkable ability to bring super lame heroes into the spotlight. Raise your hand if you thought Ant-Man was a cool hero before you saw the trailers. I certainly didn't. Look at the entire MCU. Marvel has made Iron Man a badass, Captain America a badass, The Guardians of the Galaxy badasses, and they have now made the smallest hero of all a badass as well.

One of the best things about this superhero flick is Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas. Paul Rudd brings likableness to his role as well as some pretty great comedic timing. Michael Douglas steals the spotlight as Hank Pym also with some great lines under his belt. Really everyone in Ant-Man does a great job. All the actors portray really well rounded characters that you can mostly empathize with. The action in Ant-Man is surprisingly awesome too! Who would have thought that a superhero turning big then small and vice versa would deliver some action that would top off the action of Terminator: Genisys? But the best thing about Ant-Man is how small scale it is. One of the biggest concerns I've had with movies in general is that the next one has to bigger, and the sequel has to be bigger than the last sequel. Kudos to Marvel for figuring out that a simple heist movie is a great way to introduce a new hero to this rapidly expanding universe. And considering the fact that we just came from Age of Ultron shows that toning the scale down not only works, but may even make a slightly better movie? (Disclaimer: I did like Age of Ultron, I just think it could have been better)

Another small plus worth noting is that the after credits scenes are both pretty freaking awesome. One has my favorite MCU villain...

Speaking of villains, The villain in Ant-Man is cool, but he follows the trend that most villains in the MCU are not the best bad guys. Another weak spot for Ant-Man is that the first 20 ish minutes are pretty messy in execution and come across as a bit boring.

That being said, Ant-Man is a blast to watch. It is easily one of the best solo Marvel movies to date. Granted the premise is absurd(even for superhero movies), but it is still a wicked good time nonetheless!


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