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I am obsessed with television. I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't excited to sit down and watching something. Whether it was Scooby Doo as a kid, or The Walking Dead now, my love of TV programming hasn't changed much in all those years.

Big deal, right? You're probably on this site because you love TV or movies too.. There's LOTS of devoted movie-lovers here on Moviepilot, all with enormous admiration and disgust for one genre or another, but still all united by the enduring love of visual entertainment.

My First Confession:

For as much as I love television, I am starting to hate most of what is offered to watch. Over the last couple years, some of the smartest, best comedies have been taken off air. Either because sheer longevity dictated it was time, or the viewership was low, or the network in question was just being a big-ole meanie. I watched (and cried, yes LIT-RALLY) as my beloved Thursday night NBC lineup got dismantled show-by-show.

With no more Office, 30 Rock, Community or Parks, I felt lost... and very, very unfunny. Sure, there are some other comedies out there that are worth watching, but for all my geeky goodness I will snap if one more person tells me I MUST watch the Big Bang Theory. I may just end up as a Dateline special.

I watched amazing shows come and go so quickly because there was no support for something new and imaginative, just to be tossed aside for yet another medical drama or procedural cop show. I've witnessed brilliant writing: either fantastic one-liners or beautiful character development be forgone just to have one more prime-time soap steam up the ratings.

What to Watch When Everything is Unwatchable

I was in such a sad state of affairs this summer that I let my cable subscription lapse for a month. I didn't really know how or what I would do. If not for the handful of shows I have left, I doubt I would renew it, period.

My Second Confession:

I am wee-bit judgmental about current shows. If I don't like an actor or actress, I won't watch it. If I don't like the music associated with it, I won't watch it. I have a severe loathing for soapy-type dramas and refuse to watch most anything outside of my conspiracy/sci-fi/smart comedy genre.

I find what most of the major networks are making for the 2015-2016 seasons atrocious and unwatchable. Another laugh-track comedy here or another 'who-dun-it' serial there. Or, in the most recent wave of new programming, yet another superhero reboot that makes the community I love so much stand on their heads in anticipation. Great, I am so happy for my fellow comic-con-ers, but how many more single hero shows can we flood television with?

Reruns Are My Saving Grace

Because I am so picky, reruns of my favorite shows are my go-to when there is nothing else on worth watching. I will admit that I have watched the entire Frasier series about 5 or 6 six times over. The Walking Dead and The X-Files have been watched at least 3 or 4 times a piece. Don't even get me started on how I actually wore out a season or two of my Gilmore Girls series DVD collection.

The biggest confession of all?

I am a glutton, that's for sure. I really do love watching TV and while I would never admit this openly to my family, there are days they don't have clean socks because I happen to catch an I Love Lucy marathon.


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