ByRich W Kraemer, writer at
I am a lover of movies, television, and almost all things in nerd culture... @BoofersonJ

In the mood for undead hijinks and sequels that don't require any knowledge of the previous films? Then this double feature is for you!

Start your night off right with Return of the Living Dead Part 2! Follow a young boy as he battles bullies, zombies, and zombie bullies with his friends and family as they race against time to prevent the army from wiping their town off the map to cover up what is happening.

Finish the night by watching the birth of a prophesied hero in Bruce Campbell's cocky yet dim-witted accidental hero, Ash. Ripped from the present and dropped into medieval times, Ash must stop the rising evil he helped unleash and save the girl before all is lost.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder who in their right mind comes up with this stuff; when you watch... Zany Zombie Zequels!!


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