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Eventually one of Earth's Mightiest will die. It would be really boring if they didn't. To be a great Superhero team, you have to have some sacrifice. The question is who will go first. Here are my ideas for how to kill off the Avengers.


He really is the least important Avenger. He would lose a 1 on 1 fight to any of the other Avengers, he has expressed interest in getting out of the Superhero game, and his wife wants him to hang up the bow. I want to see Clint sitting at home with his family thinking he made it out and then Thanos crashes a space ship into the house and kills them all. This would be an excellent trigger to get the rest of the Avengers on the same page and ready to get to work saving the world.

This probably won't happen because killing innocent kids is a tough sell to the big wigs at Disney. That, and there is still time to milk a Hawkeye movie with a low budget of about 100 million.


Thor is definitely the most boring Avenger. He is just too straight laced. They need give him a drug and/or drinking problem. To do this they need to first kill off Natalie Portman. She is super hot, but brings absolutely nothing to the MCU. Thor will get all depressed and start hitting the Asgardian sauce. This will cause him to make a huge mistake like paralyzing a human with a drunken blow. Cap and the rest of the team will disown him. In order to redeem himself, he will sacrifice his life to save one of the Avengers.

This death would be a little dark, but so very awesome. We don't need anymore Thor movies after Ragnarok, as the first 2 are already kind of boring. And this would add an awesome wrench to throw into the whole Avenger team dynamic.


The Hulk can't die. He is The Incredible Hulk! They do need to shoot him into space, have him float around for a year or 2 and be found by the Guardians. He will convince Starlord to return to Earth and they will get there and help fight Thanos.

This should happen and Disney is dumb if they don't do it.

Captain America

The only way for Cap to die is the same way he died the first time. I don't mean in a giant ice cube, I mean a true sacrifice to save the world. The key is to have Bucky be back in tip top U.S.A. lovin' shape to pick up the shield and be Captain America. Bucky has like 30 films on his contract and is probably way cheaper than Chris Evans. I would suggest bringing back Red Skull for an epic show down between the 2.

This probably will happen. Chris Evans seems to be getting over being Captain America, and Bucky has been under used. They could always bring Steve back in another movie. It is the MCU after all. Anything goes!

Black Widow

Natasha can stay as long as she wants. She is perfect in every way and they would be idiots to kill her off. If they do kill her off though, it needs to be her on a solo mission in Russia trying to avenge a girl she knew in secret Russian spy school that was brutally beaten to death. Black Widow should die having completed the mission.

I admit this could almost be the ending to Rambo 5, but it sounds awesome.

Iron Man

Now here is my choice for the first to go. He is the face of the franchise and that makes him the perfect choice. RDJ is getting old, and it is time to pass the baton. While dealing with the Infinity Wars, Iron Man needs to encounter Ultron in a network free space. Ultron will explain how he is alive, and then they go at it head to head. Ultron will be badly injured, but will still be able to kill Iron Man. Once he defeats Tony, he will try to leave the network free space and escape to the internet. Just before he gets away somebody will kill Ultron while wearing the Iron Man suit. The camera pans toward the suit and it's Miley Cyrus in the Iron Man suit. Her and Disney will have reunited and she will star in Iron Woman.

This one sounds pretty likely to me. It might not go down the way I have predicted, but he will be the first to die of the original group.

If you agree or have any questions please free to comment below!


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