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Yesterday it was announced that Tommy Lee Jones will join Matt Damon in the next installment of the Bourne franchise. I loved the original Bourne trilogy and am excited to see the upcoming film. To celebrate the news, here are ten things you might not know about The Bourne Trilogy.

The Bourne Identity:

1. Before Matt Damon became Jason Bourne, other actors such as Matthew McConaughey, Russell Crowe, Sylvester Stallone, and Brad Pitt were being considered for the role. Pitt turned down the role to do Spy Game.

2. Robert Ludlum, the author of the novel that Bourne Identity was based on, died while the film was in post production on March 12th, 2001.

3. In an earlier draft of the script, the character Marie was an American whose last name was Purcell and she had green hair. The final drafts changed her surname to Kruetz, her nationality to German, and she had multicolored hair.

4. The Bourne Identity had almost nothing to do with the original novel, while the 1988 miniseries of the same name featuring Richard Chamberlain followed the novel very closely.

The Bourne Supremacy:

5. For the entirety of the movie Jason Bourne never smiles.

6. The average length of each shot in the film is 1.9 seconds.

7. All the events that occur in the film were shot in the reverse order of location, meaning the scenes in Moscow were shot first while those in Goa were shot last.

8. Unlike the devices in the Bond films, all the ones that Bourne uses are real and can be purchased by the average person.

The Bourne Ultimatum:

9. Both Mark Ruffalo and Emile Hirsch turned down the role of Simon Ross.

10. The place in Tangier that the character Nicky Parsons chose as a meeting location is the Café de Paris. It was a popular hangout for spies and emissaries during Tangier's years as an International City.

11. The footage from The Bourne Supremacy where Bourne calls Pam Landy while watching her from a nearby building was not used for this film and the entire scene had to be re-shot.

12. The Tangier chase scene where Nicky and Desh push past citizens did not feature any extras. The area was too crowded and the flow of pedestrians was to hard to control so the two actors were really just pushing their way through the crowd.


In each of the Bourne films, there is only one explosion scene:

  • The Bourne Identity: When The Professor attempts to kill Bourne, Bourne blows up a gas tank to distract him.
  • The Bourne Supremacy: After calling for CIA backup, Bourne breaks a gas line and burns a magazine in a toaster to blow up Jarda's house.
  • The Bourne Ultimatum: Bourne is almost killed when Desh blows up Daniels' car, killing Daniels in the process.


Which fact is your favorite?


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