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The Spectacular Spider-man (reboot)

July 28, 2017

One of 's greatest heroes and most popular, the long lost son of Marvel is finally back to hit the big screen once again under Marvel guidance. Spider-Man is amongst Earth's Mightiest Heroes and now it is time to find out who could possibly make big screen debut as a friend or foe of Spidey.

Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat an enemy turned ally of Spidey. She could very well be the next villain of this Spidey reboot. The Black Cat is a cat burglar, so possibly she is attempting to steal some big memorabilia from a famous venue and Spidey goes to stop her and does but in a vengeful attempt she comes back to fight Spidey out of anger that he ruined her oppurtunity at money or respect from someone more powerful.

Adrian Toomes aka Vulture as a young boy his parents died and he was raised by his brother who wound up being a paraplegic after an accident. So perhaps in an attempt to heal his brother he turns to thievery and of course Spidey looks to stop crime so he catches Vulture in the act of being a thief and stops him, Vulture becomes a very angry person because of Spidey. Then witnesses see Spidey come out of whatever building he stopped a Vulture in and it is reported that Spidey is a thief, so he is pinned as the bad guy, a reward goes out for anyone who can capture him. So Vulture sets out to catch him and there is your villain of this film.

Kraven The Hunter the best hunter anybody has ever known in the hunting business, sets his eye on Spiderman, the one person he has never been able to catch. I know this one was kind of short but that is pretty much what I think is motivation would be. Also, just like in the Netflix Daredevil series where we saw him take out the Russians maybe Kraven is one of the workers for the Russians wouldn't that be a great way to tie the big screen MCU and Netflix version.

Chameleon, brother of Kraven the Hunter, teams up with his brother to capture Spidey but along the way Spidey kills Kraven now Chameleon looks for revenge on Spidey. Similar to his brother, he is also working with the group of Russians in Daredevil.

Doppelganger the evil duplicate version of Spiderman created by The Magus. If Magus does actually exist in the MCU already, this would be a great way to tie in the MCU to Spidey. This is also an interesting pick because not a lot of people are familiar with the Doppelgänger it will also give us something. Very fresh to work with as fans.

Quentin Beck aka Mysterio, a special effects artist, sought to make a name for himself and take out Spiderman. His motivation is just to make a name for himself not because of hate for Spidey but rather for his own satisfaction.

Herman Schultz aka Shocker, a gifted burglar. Perhaps, Schultz works for the Kingpin and we can see a crossover with Daredevil in this Film.


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