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Alex Smith

A story of one mans world of crime and desperate hope for a future drive master thief to join ranks with a new criminal organisation, but when James Caan gets into the firing line he discovers he is just a pawn in a much larger machine. With crooked cops and killers after him he will abandon everything to survive.

We start off as life as usual in the throws of a sophisticated robbery specifically a diamond score where protagonist James Caan is the master of his own domain.

But after meeting a girl he realises this could be his last chance at redemption, and some kind of normal life. He acts.

When his mentor and master thief tells him that he ain't gonna survive another ten months inside James Caan puts together a plan to get him and himself out.

When a new player is revealed he is recruited to join the ranks of this new criminal enterprises. After debating he enlists with the promises of big scores and a fast solution.

But when the boss has different ideas he will stop at nothing to keep his thief under control and destroy everything he holds dear.

The master of criminology Writer Director Producer Micheal Mann reveals with perfect harmony the under currents on each side of the fence between the players in a power punch finish.

With a awe inspiring soundtrack by Tangerine Dream this is a crime classic. ****


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