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The promotional campaign for Deadpool's march to release has been ramping up lately, with more set pictures being revealed every week and the first trailer soon to hit our eyeballs. Today, Fox released a few more photos from the set.

The first two are fairly straightforward, the Merc with a Mouth in costume, alongside Negasonic Teenage Warhead (or, as Deadpool says, "Negasonic Teenage WHAT-THE-SHIT?!):

But it's the third photo showing a pre-Weapon X program Wade Wilson and Vanessa that interests me more than those two, though it is awesome to get even more clear shots of Deadpool's costume.

This picture looks like it might be alluding to Vanessa's past as a sex worker, at least, one can infer she might very well be a stripper from the seedy establishment they're standing in in this photo and the strip club scene that has been seen in the leaked Comic-Con trailer.

But it really makes me wonder if they're even going to explore Vanessa's backstory as a mutant much, or if she's even a mutant at all in the film. Her character design is vastly different than in the comic books - the only nod they've made to it is Morena Baccarin's snow-white streak.

In the comics, mercenary Wade and mutant shapeshifter Vanessa meet and fall in love. When he learns he has terminal cancer, he breaks up with her, thinking he's doing the right thing, but only serves to break her heart. After that, she comes in and out of his life on multiple occasions, almost always as an adversary, though it's clear they both still have feelings for one another.

I'm just not sure I see that happening with this movie yet, though if she survives through this first film and Deadpool turns into a viable franchise, it would be interesting to explore a story where she becomes his enemy in future films. But no matter the case, I'm just excited that we're finally getting a film that, from all indications, appears to be the Deadpool movie we've been wanting for so long.

Deadpool hits theaters on February 12th, 2016. Because nothing says "romantic Valentine's date" like Wade Wilson putting a bullet through three guys' heads at once.


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