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A psychology professor at Northeast Texas Community College in Mount Pleasant, Texas once emphasized on one of the many reasons why adolescents turn to drugs. He claimed that the youth of today are blinded by the belief that teens should not be exposed to the real reason for drug abuse. He went as far to say that people do drugs because it feels good. Some people want to sugar-coat and others must refrain, but when talking about drug abuse, teens should be aware of the consequences, learn to resist temptation, and know some truth.

In 1998 New Line Cinema release, Wesley Snipes performing as the vampire Blade speaks of truth.

“You better wake up. The world you live in is just a sugar-coated topping! There is another world beneath it: the real world. And if you wanna survive it, you better learn to pull the trigger!”

Blade takes it to “the next level” in reference to killing for the better good. He is telling Karen that the world is not a perfect place, and that there are evils out there which need to be eliminated. In order for Blade to protect the humans from the vampires, some treacherous-human casualties are necessary.

Our world is similar to Blade’s world, and we have wars to prove it. Lots of evil people exist who wish to do harm to the innocent. On the other hand, vigilant people are trying to change that. Now, how can our children become vigilant, if we are hiding all the truths from them?

Sure, there is a limit to how much a child should know, but don’t strip them of the knowledge and the truth and the righteous guidance that can improve their lives and the lives of others. Here’s an example of guidance and truth.

Wayne Kyle speaks to Chris Kyle in American Sniper (2014)

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