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We all have our favorite Joker, the one we think of immediately. For me I immediately think of Jack Nicholson...but I hear Mark Hamill's Joker voice. After I hear the voice in my head the animated series Joker is the image of the Joker in my head. I grew up watching Batman The Animated Series always loving the Joker's laugh and his tone of voice. I remember when I was really little and I found out that Luke Skywalker was the voice of Joker, I was shocked! And I loved it even more. Ever since I started reading Batman comics whenever there is an issue featuring the Joker I hear Mark Hamill's voice in my head. To me that is exactly how Joker should sound. Plus no other Joker voice could be as big as a fan of the character as Hamill is. He loves comics and all of nerd and geek culture. That is another reason why he is such a great Joker voice. I say all of this because I am very happy to hear that he is returning as the voice of Joker in the next direct-to-video animated film Batman: The Killing Joke. Once again Mark Hamill will bring his voice out of retirement to voice this chilling story. As soon as the movie was announced people took to twitter declaring their fingers crossed for his return. His response is below.

That is the perfect response, and one that everyone was hoping for. Fast forward a little bit and Collider posts this article. Their "sources" confirmed that Mark Hamill not only is doing the voice but has actually already been recording! Batman: The Killing Joke was written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland, it was released in 1988 and was met with amazing reception. It is one of the darkest Joker stories ever told. It is also the best interpretation of the Joker's origins and set a new level for graphic novels. This will surely be a dark film and not for light of heart, which will make it a great Batman movie. Much like The Dark Knight Returns does the graphic novel true justice I am sure that this next animated feature will also stay true to the comic and bring the story alive. I cannot speak for everyone but I know that I will definitely not miss this movie! If you want to listen to a great talk with Mark Hamill himself about his career, specifically his Joker career, listen to this amazing Kevin Smith podcast. There are two parts, and they are lengthy but definitely worth it.

Which movies, animated or not, are you excited for? Let me know below.


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