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I have seen many ships that do work and many that make absolutely no sense at all. Well this has to be probably one of the biggest if not, the biggest fanfic ships of all time.

Deadpool and Harley Quinn!

Right now some of you are thinking "Oh no that won't work they need to stay in their own universes!" Well it's that kind of argument that makes you sound pretty much like a complainer, I have seen crossover ships and did not once hear that as an argument nor do I really see anybody take it to that level of hate. There may even be others that say "Oh no they don't work, the only thing they have in common is they're both crazy and like blowing stuff up." What if I told you that you're wrong and you're only looking at them in a simple perspective and not a more meaningful and thorough one?

Allow me to show you that them being "crazy" and blowing stuff up isn't the only similarity they have that makes them a very good ship. I'm going to give you examples of why they are a good ship.

These are simply my own opinions on why they work well together, this is not a campaign I am using in order to change your minds, some will always say Joker x Harley, or some of you love the Deadshot x Harley, or hell even Harley x Ivy, Harley x Batman, etc. There is no need to go off the deep end and call me a fanboy or whatever. Here are the reasons I think Harley x Deadpool works.

1. Deadpool and Harley are actually a lot smarter than people think

Deadpool and Harley: deadly love
Deadpool and Harley: deadly love

Deadpool and Harley have their intellect constantly underestimated. Yes, Deadpool can do very stupid things, Yes Harley Quinn does do some stupid things as well, but what if I told you that Deadpool and Harley Quinn are in fact a lot more intelligent than they let on? They are constantly underestimated when it comes down to the mind no doubt, they can even be deemed "crazy beyond logic." What if they are actually acting stupid as a ruse and an advantage?

Yes, it is hard to believe Deadpool can be smart to some people, but we're not talking about Reed Richards intelligence or Lex Luthor, but we are talking about very smart, quick on his feet, and capable of things even the most brilliant minds cannot explain. WHAT?!

Here is a fine example of Deadpool's intellect actually being revealed as quite impressive:

Deadpool vs. Carnage
Deadpool vs. Carnage

This is a very good comic book and I highly recommend you pick it up and read it. In this comic book, Deadpool is tasked with capturing Carnage for a very substantial amount of cash. Carnage is a psychotic monster that will kill you and eat french toast over your mangled corpse without even so much as a gag from him. Another note is it is almost impossible to track down Carnage inless you have enhanced senses or a magical item to find him because his kills are random and he is very careful not to lead anything to him. Not only has Deadpool tracked him down in the most unpredictable way or he's found him more than once, but he did it in a way that not even the a genius of Marvel or DC would think to do.

Deadpool was indeed a good match for Carnage based on combat and skill, he even argued that he and Carnage are linked together in a strange way of the fate of the world. Deadpool spent most of the issues tracking Carnage down and attempting to bring him back as a prisoner, but Carnage was prepared for Deadpool almost every step of the way with a much higher advantage due to the Carnage symbiote. Close to the end of the comic book, Deadpool's intelligence really comes to shine in the day. Spoilers ahead for those who haven't read the comics.

After Deadpool was reduced to limbs and a pool of blood, he was left there to ''die'' by Carnage but there was a bit of luck on Deadpool's side when suddenly out of nowhere, he was then bonded with a experimental symbiote suit which was actually the Hybrid symbiote who's host was recently murdered by Eddie Brock. The suit bonded with Deadpool and made him an unbelievable, unstoppable killing machine that is now on Carnage's level of ferocity or perhaps even more! He used all different sorts of mind games on Carnage and Shriek to amazing degrees like shapeshifting to trick shriek into thinking she accidentally killed Carnage and forced her to run away in fear and sadness, giving Carnage a talk on how the world controls what they do and who they are, how they are linked together and Deadpool will always find him, and even tricked Carnage into almost killing Shriek by disguising her as himself.

Carnage was a very tough opponent and even tougher to take down, but Deadpool was playing mind games with Carnage, getting inside of his head, and manipulating him to a point where Cletus was paranoid enough that he refused to even leave a cell door that was not even locked. Deadpool has achieved what would be impossible for him with his own wits and tricks that he pulled on the fly without preparations and planning.

NOW! Let's show a fine example of Harley Quinn's intelligence!

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad

This is a strange one, but it does indeed have evidence of Harley's intelligence (Sorry if I use that word too much).

In The Suicide Squad comics, Harley is considered the one that just doesn't belong in the group, the one person that barely fits. She plays as the unpredictable one and is considered by some to be the fool of the group. She does show that she is indeed crazy, but is she a fool? Absolutely not! Spoilers for those of you that did not read this issue of Suicide squad and wish to read it

In issue 5 of Suicide Squad, There was a prison riot in Belle Reve that needed the assistance of the squad to shut down the prisoners and bring order back into Belle Reve, but who caused the riot? HARLEY QUINN! Why would she cause a riot in one of the most maximum security prisons in the DC universe? Word spread fast that Joker was in fact dead because the G.C.P.D had found Joker's face carved off by dollmaker. This did not sit well with Harley at all. She came up with a plan from the very inside of her cell to not only escape, but to cause hell for an explanation. Harley single handedly caused a gigantic riot in Belle Reve, release herself to the streets of Gotham, break into G.C.P.D, and recover Joker's face, all while avoiding the squad and the G.C.P.D. cops. She made this plan all on her own in a matter of hours, maybe even less.

Harley Quinn caused complete mayhem in Gotham's streets, evaded practically a S.W.A.T team of cops, and escaped a maximum security facility on her own, these were her own plans that she came up with after a very dangerous mission in a matter of hours or less from her own planning and the resources that she was able to provide or acquire for herself. That sounds pretty smart to me.

Reason #2: Harley Quinn and Deadpool are the results of a traumatizing event that has occurred in their life.

Harleen Quinzel becoming Harley Quinn
Harleen Quinzel becoming Harley Quinn

This here is truly the most upstanding factor in why I think they make a great ship and another reason as to why they are much more alike than people really think. The one similarity that many people overlook or don't even look at in general is they both have suffered a traumatic event that has changed their lives forever. They have both gone to a path that they can never erase or fix. They are the results of pain and suffering that has been escalated to a much higher degree.

For Harley it was her fixation with The Joker. She was a simple Psychiatrist named Harleen Quinzel that seemed to have a simple life. When she transferred to Arkham, this was the turning point of her life that would forever change her. The moment Harleen met Joker, he planned, manipulated, and he down right brainwashed her to believe him. Harley felt that Joker truly understood her, Joker knew how she felt and she felt the same for him. Harley fell in love with Joker and slowly began to break her former life to shreds. (Based on New 52) Joker Manipulated Harleen to the point that he brought her to the same facility that made him who he was. He literally pushed her into the vat of toxic chemicals and watched her suffer as it changed her completely. Joker willingly destroyed her previous life and turned her into his puppet out of his own interests. Harleen then became Harley Quinn. She loved him so much that she was willing to sacrifice herself for him, but he never truly cared for her or loved her.

Deadpool exposing his face
Deadpool exposing his face

Deadpool is a whole other story. Before he was Deadpool, he was Wade Wilson, a man who decided to become a mercenary after being dishonorably discharged from the military. He had tragedy strike him in the form of an inoperable cancer. He felt his life slowly slipping away from him, he was forced to leave his girlfriend and everything else behind. With no hope seeming to rise to him, Wade decided to take a visit to Canada's Department H to help seek a cure for his cancer, which they promised him that they had a means to cure him of his cancer and give him his life back, but was never delivered. After being kicked out for killing someone that was experiencing psychotic tendencies, Wade decided to visit a facility named The Hospice where they ran excruciating tests on him to cure him of his cancer. Sadly it was, in a way, a success, but not to Wade's benefit. Wade Wilson began growing deformities all over his body and the cancer was "cured", but Wade was now a guinea pig for the Weapon X scientists. They tortured him with all kinds of horrible experiments that would otherwise be leathal and most likely excruciating beyond anything. Wade lived through it all, but the constant torture he has gone through has broken his mind and he was branded a failed experiment and was thrown into a pit where the security guards wage who will die, they call it The Dead Pool. Wade lived through it and discovered he was faster, stronger, and more skilled than an average human being. His newly acquired healing factor saved him many times and soon he broke out and escaped.

Harley Quinn has the constant reminder of Joker with her forever, the pure existence of her would be the scars he branded on her, her pale white body, her obsession with him, even her being a mentally unstable is because of the Joker. Deadpool also is reminded every day of his scars. He is a walking tumor that was dubbed a failure for mental instabilities and his view of himself are broken. Harley and Deadpool see themselves as outcasts of society. Though they cover up their true emotions with fun, guns, and insane stunts, deep down they are permanently in a state of pain. Harley Quinn looks in the mirror every day and she may seem happy, but she is actually hurting. She gave her heart to a man that has crumpled up her life and abused her physically and mentally more than any hero ever has or can. Deadpool is so ashamed of his appearance that he almost always refuses to take off his mask. He is horrified by his appearance and he is afraid of being alone, but he would sooner push people away than to scare them away. He truly wants to belong, but he is viewed as a monster. They both are broken characters with shattered pasts, but hide away their suffering.

Reason #3: Deadpool and Harley are not truly evil, they are misunderstood

"I used to be scared of clowns, now I'm banging one
"I used to be scared of clowns, now I'm banging one

"SAY WHAAAAAAAAT?!?! No way dude! Harley is a villain and Deadpool is a bad guy!" Hear me out on this one. Some people think that, but, in fact they are both totally misunderstood. I don't think they are evil in the slightest. Deadpool is capable of being a good guy, while his tactics are less than pleasant, his heart can, at times, be in a good place. Yes Deadpool does kill people, yes he likes doing it, yes sometimes he does hurt citizens, but most of the time it is because he is trying to accomplish a goal that is for the greater good.....despite leaving a big mess for the others to clean up. Deadpool is a mercenary and he does get paid to do all kinds of things violent, bad, and dangerous, but he will do it for whoever pays him, hero or villain. Is he a pure hearted hero? Absolutely not, but is he a cold hearted villain? NO! Deadpool is an anti-hero that will do things a hero would never do, though his tactics are gruesome, he does do the right thing in the end, he just takes a very rigid and unstable path.

Now I know what you're all thinking. "HARLEY?! NO WAY SHE'S TOTALLY A BAD GUY!!!" Well it all depends on your perspective of Harley, but my perspective is Harley is not evil nor is she a true villain. Harley Quinn is a misunderstood character that does bad things for bad people. Harley at many times is manipulated or simply tricked into doing things that are truly frowned upon and due to doing those things for such a long time has become a forced habit. Harley is not truly evil though. Harley at best is an Anti-Hero as well. Yes she does steal things like money and valuable items and what not. Yes she does hurt people that she thinks deserves it, but Red Hood does the same as well right? Yes Harley does kill people when she thinks it is necessary, but doesn't every other Anti-Hero do the exact same thing? I know these aren't the best comparisons, but it's the best that can be explained. Harley is far from pure hearted, but she does not walk down the streets and shoots people in the face because she's bored like Joker would, she doesn't lock people in a burning building and toss babies out the window because she is sick of the silence.

Reason #4: Deadpool and Harley are underestimated in combat skills and abilities constantly by other heroes and villains.

"Team Red and Black! I'm the cheerleader!!!"
"Team Red and Black! I'm the cheerleader!!!"

"Harley isn't capable of anything, she is just a nut job." "Deadpool is an idiot, he isn't gonna be that hard to take down." Just how many times has Deadpool and Harley been taken down easily? How many times has it been said that Harley was not going to be a problem to handle or Deadpool is just an idiot? Here's the thing though, Harley and Deadpool are both INSANELY good at taking care of themselves. There has been times where Harley was able to surprise you with her fighting skills and her agility, she has on more than one occasion been able to prove that not only is she agile as hell, but she's also real good with hand-to-hand combat.

If Harley is capable of matching Catwoman in agility and perhaps even slipping past her a few times, why would she be easy to take down? She can't! Harley may be a bit insane and sometimes even slightly foolish, but she's no easy target and she definitely isn't incapable of taking care of herself.

Deadpool is a whole other story. Before he even became Deadpool, Wade began his mercenary career while still in his late teens. Accepting assassination jobs only against those whom he felt deserved death. That alone showed that he is capable of killing you. On top of being able to heal from almost anything that is dished out, he is a fantastic hand-to-hand combat expert. His experience in fighting, his knowledge on killing, and his unpredictable approach to situations makes him a very dangerous person. He took on an entire army of men and slaughtered them all on his own, don't believe that statement?

Here's just a sample
Here's just a sample

Hopefully the point has been made. Deadpool and Harley have more in common than you think. Please, don't be a close minded person and just say "Oh the only thing they have in common is they're both crazy" because it's not true. They have quite a bit in common, more than you think. For goodness sake, please don't try to shut the argument down by saying "They need to stay in their own universe" because that sounds very stupid to say.

Deadpool x Harley isn't a bad ship. It's actually much more compatible than you really think.

What do you all think? Am I right? Am I wrong? Do my points make sense and you still disagree?


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